Monthly Archives: October 2009

Welcome to our first blog!

Its taken us a while to get on the blog bandwagon, but we have a lot to say, so here we are; welcome to Rocky’s first blog!  My name is Abby-Lynn Knorr, but you can call me Abby.  I’ve been with the Soap co since November of 07.  I joined Rocky for a few reasons: first because I am passionate about living a healthy and balanced life and I believe that natural products play a crucial role in our well being.  And also because I believe we operate with integrity and transparency.  From my first day here I have watched the company grow at a rapid pace, I have seen and been part of many debates about what ‘the right thing to do’ is in many situations.  I love that we try hard to do the right thing.  We’re not perfect, but when we make mistakes we learn important lessons and become better people and a better company.

So what’s the big reason we started a blog?  We want you to know what we’re up to, be able to ask us questions and offer us feedback (something this company has been built on).  We want to invite you in on our debates, help advise you on the many benefits of natural, and share the fun things that we’re doing at the workshop.  We talk about a lot of stuff here, from the hazards of synthetic chemicals in personal care products to an awesome raw cocoa brownie recipe.  We’re all passionate about natural, and we’re passionate about our health.  It helps that we live in an amazing place; a little mountain town called Canmore that’s nestled in the Canadian Rockies.  Most of us are hikers, bikers, scramblers, skiers, snowboarders and climbers.  We love being close to nature and consider ourselves blessed to live not just in Canmore, but in Canada.

Now that the inaugural blog is out of the way, please join us, and talk with us along the way.  You can sign up to receive the blog in your email, check on facebook or twitter or pay us a visit on the website at