Delicious Licorice Treats for Halloween

Oct2-BlogSocialLicoriceTreats (1)Tis’ the season for tricks and treats. So here is a treat for licorice lovers. The trick is that you need to choose your licorice powder with care as they vary in flavour widely. The powder you choose should taste pleasant on its own, not bitter.

1/2 cup of a variety of chopped nuts (walnuts, almonds, and macadamia are all delicious options)
1 cup of prunes or dates (or a blend of the two)
licorice powder to taste (start with 1 tbsp and add more if you wish)
hemp seeds or chopped coconut, as a coating (your choice)

1. Use a food processor or a blender (on pulse) to chop up the nuts. Pour into a cup and set aside.
2. Repeat to puree the dates and prunes.
3. Combine the nuts and the fruit together in a bowl and mix or blend them in the processor.
4. Add the powdered licorice to the mixture to your taste. Some like a stronger licorice flavour, while others may just want a hint.
5. Roll the mixture into individual, snack-sized balls of licoricey goodness.
6. Roll each individual ball in the hemp seeds or the shredded coconut to give it a tasty coating.
7. Store in the fridge and enjoy anytime.

Rocky Christmas Hiring Fair – Calgary Stores

Are you a bright, motivated and passionate individual?

Rocky Mountain Soap Company is having a multi-store hiring fair at our Chinook Centre location on Sunday October 4th.

We’re looking for SEASONAL Retail Product Advisors with a passion for excellent customer service and a sunny personality to join the teams at our Chinook, Southcentre & Market Mall locations. Our goal is to remove toxins from our world and we are looking for bright, motivated and passionate people to join us on this adventure!


  • You have proven success in offering extreme customer service
  • You have amazing operational and administrative skills
  • You have a love for natural products and their benefits
  • You are goal orientated and organized but are always looking to develop your business skills
  • You want to have fun, laugh and make our customers and co-workers happy

Our company is growing fast and we are on a journey to be Canada’s leading 100% natural bath and body company. If you are as excited about this as we are and are looking for a career with a company that is fast-paced, energetic, funny and caring then we’d love to hear from you.


  • Competitive base pay and bonuses based on performance
  • Product discounts
  • Profit sharing program
  • A happy, healthy work environment


TO APPLY: Please send your resume to Please also include your store preference and November/December availability, and why you’d like to work at Rocky, in the body of the email. No phone calls please.

Pinterest Contest! WIN the Complete Skin Care Line from Rocky. Here’s How…

Sept28-BlogSocialPinToWinWe want to know all the things that you do, eat, or use that keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

How to enter?

All you need to do to enter our contest is start a board on Pinterest and make sure you name it #RockyGlow.  Collect images that represent your skin care routine or daily life activities that give you your beautiful skin.

You must post at least 2 Rocky products to your board and tell us why you love them.

Need some Pinspiration? Check out and follow the Rocky Mountain Soap Company Pinterest account for recipes, DIY’s and other #ToxinFREE tips for your everyday.

The contest starts today and ends on October 3rd at midnight MST.

Contestants will be placed into a random draw and the winner will receive a full line of our skin care products for their skin type. This will include our Transformative Cleansing Oil, a Toner, Pomegranate Day Cream, Beech Tree Bud Eye Cream, a face polish, and a face mask.

Your gift will be custom to your skin type, but will have at least a $180 value.

New to Pinterest? Check out their help page to get started.

Why Cleansing Your Face with Natural Oils will Completely Transform Your Skin

Sept24-BlogSocialTransformativeDid you know that Japanese geisha’s used to clean all that white make-up from their faces with an oil cleanser? The ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used natural oils to cleanse their faces and bodies too. Oh and let’s not leave out the indigenous people of Polynesia and Southeast Asia. Many cultures used and still use locally grown sources of oil such as tamanu, coconut, sesame and jojoba to keep their skin nourished, healthy and clean.

The skin care industry went through a phase (and thank goodness it was just a phase) where ‘oil-free’ was the buzzword that consumers were taught to look for on packaging. Consumers were trained to believe that putting oil on their skin would exacerbate breakouts, clog pores, and cause blackheads. So the products of the era (most prevalent in the 1980’s and 90’s) were formulated to be powerfully astringent and to strip all the oils from the skin and leave it a dry, shine-free and bacteria-free environment.

Cleansing this way (with astringent cleansers) often leads to excessive dryness, further breakouts as the skin produces more oil to compensate, and the removal of the protective barrier that your skin naturally tries to maintain. This natural barrier helps to buffer the skin against wind, cold, and other environmental stressors. This natural barrier also helps to soften and lubricate the skin which in turn helps keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

It is gratifying to see that the skin care trend has not remained on the ‘oil-free’ path and consumers are starting to lose the fear of putting oil on the face and body. Whether your skin is over-producing and oily, or under-producing and dry, your skin needs natural, vitamin-rich fats both in your diet, and applied topically.

So why is putting oil on your face so good for it?

Nature provides a number of plants whose oils closely resemble the sebum of our skin. A few examples of these are jojoba, olive, sunflower, sesame and coconut.
These oils absorb quickly and easily into our skin and leave a breathable layer of moisture and protection. Each natural oil comes with built-in vitamins and actives that provide a host of anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and restorative benefits to the skin. When used as a cleanser plant oils dissolve dirt, makeup residue, and prevent the build-up of oil and bacteria that can reside deep in our pores.

When we formulated our Transformative Cleansing Oil, we combined the most nourishing oils and botanicals that we knew would be balancing for all skin types. We used oils that penetrate quickly and deeply and that work to moisturize, balance and protect the skin, no matter it’s natural state.

If your skin is dry…
We recommending washing your hands, dispensing a few pumps of our oil onto your clean fingertips, and massaging it gently into your face. It will not sting if you happen to get it in your eye. You’ll actually see makeup and dirt dissolve and loosen from the surface of your skin. Spray your chosen toner onto a cotton pad and gently wipe away all the dirt and oil. If your skin is very dry, or if it is winter, you can actually reapply the Cleansing Oil and leave it on overnight. Your skin will drink it up as you sleep and you’ll wake up with soft skin and a lovely, dewy glow. If you suffer from breakouts, you’ll be amazed at how applying this oil can sometimes calm a blemish literally overnight.

If your skin is oily…
Start by using the Cleansing Oil as a makeup remover. If you’re nervous about using oil, this is the perfect way to experience the power of cleansing with natural oils without diving in headfirst right away. Once you’re comfortable with that, we recommend dispensing 2-3 pumps of the Cleansing Oil onto a cotton pad and applying it that way to the entire face. You’ll be able to see it lift off makeup and dirt, and with consistent use it will even dissolve blackheads. To remove the Cleansing Oil and dirt, spray your chosen toner onto a cotton pad and wipe all the mess away. When you’re finished cleansing, you can apply a moisturizer to drier areas if you wish (such as cheeks). Using the Cleansing Oil will help your skin find a balance that will keep blemishes and shine at bay.

We challenge you to try cleansing your skin with our Transformative Cleansing Oil. We know you’ll be amazed at how much the condition of your skin will improve. It will both look and feel soft, healthy and glowing. Sometimes a new routine can take a period of adjustment so we recommend committing to it for at least two weeks. You may see incredible and visible changes overnight, or it may take a bit of time for your skin to become accustomed to the change.

Do you already use our Cleansing Oil? Please tell us what you think of it on our reviews page. And for those of you who are still skeptical, we encourage you to read over the reviews on our Transformative Cleansing Oil here.

Be a Multi-Masking Pro

New Face MasksHow many of us have skin that behaves consistently all over the face? None of us. The skin that beautifully covers the landscape of your face varies a lot in thickness, how much it moves throughout the day to accommodate your expression, and how much oil is naturally produced. Enter the brilliance of multi-masking.

No one knows your skin better than you do. To get the full benefit of multi-masking, you need to be aware of how the different areas on your face behave. You may differ from the usual combination, in which case use your own discretion, but the majority tends to break down into three or four main areas:

The area that most commonly produces more oil is called your T-zone . This territory spans across the forehead, down the nose, and often includes the chin. The T-zone will most benefit from a mask with a purifying action which will draw our impurities, dissolve blackheads, and have some astringency capabilities to control blemishes. This is why our Deep-Cleansing Mask contains Tea Tree, Kaolin Clay, and Rosemary.

Around The Eyes
The under eye area and outside corners of the eyes is the area where our skin is the thinnest and shows the first signs of aging. This area needs hydration and ingredients with anti-aging and restorative benefits. Our Restorative Mask utilizes Coconut Oil, Spirulina and Ginseng to provide the right kind of nourishment for this territory which displays wear and tear the quickest.

The Cheeks
The cheeks are most often our driest area, especially during the winter as we are exposed to dry air, cold temperatures, and wind. Use our Hydrating Mask on the cheeks to draw moisture from the air into your skin and to replenish the skin’s natural moisture barrier. We’ve included Aloe Vera for its ability to deeply hydrating, and Honey which is a natural humectant.

Sensitive Skin
If you’ve got patches of skin that are more prone to redness or irritation, this is the perfect place for our Calming Mask which uses two of the most therapeutic and soothing ingredients known to man (Lavender and Oat) to soothe, hydrate and nourish.

You’ll enjoy your temporary ‘paint-by-number’ look, and you’ll smell like a garden while you multi-mask. But best of all you’ll appreciate the ability to be more prescriptive with your skin care when you catch a glance of your glowing complexion the next time you walk by a reflective surface.

Have you already tried multimasking? Write to us on Facebook or Twitter with your multimasking experiences.

DIY Mask Recipes Made with Ingredients From Your Kitchen

Sept18-BlogSocialMaskRecipesWe had a lot of fun experimenting in the new Rocky kitchen with some very nourishing and delightful smelling ingredients.

These masks smell good enough to eat, and are guaranteed to make your skin oh-so-soft and oh-so-glowy. Simply choose a recipe from the list below that was developed for your skin type.

Aloe & Passionfruit Mask for Dry Skin 


Aloe & Passionfruit Mask for Dry Skin

Sept18-BlogSocialMaskRecipe-DryThis mask combines the super hydration of Aloe with the vitamin-packed and anti-oxidizing benefits of Passionfruit. Not only that but it smells like a fruit smoothie!


1/2 tsp aloe vera pulp
1/2 tsp passionfruit juice (fresh)
2-3 drops of Hydrating Face Serum (optional)

Hydrating Face Mask prepared with water


Prepare our Hydrating Aloe & Honey Face Mask with water and according to the directions. Take one 6″ Aloe Vera leaf and slice lengthwise, scrape the pulp out with a spoon. Add the Aloe pulp to the mask. Add just the juice from a passionfruit (not the seeds, you can eat those), and a few drops of the Hydrating Serum if you wish. Blend until smooth. Apply to the face leaving space around the eyes and nostrils. Leave on for 5-8 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Strawberries & Cream Mask for Normal Skin

Sept18-BlogSocialMaskRecipe-NormalYes it sounds as good as you think it is. Strawberries are full of phytonutrients and Vitamin C and cream is hydrating, softening and contains AHA to lift away layers of dead skin and reveal a fresh new complexion. Turmeric is intensely anti-inflammatory, if you happen to have some on hand, it’s a great addition to this mask, but it’s not necessary.


1 crushed organic strawberry
1/2 tsp rich cream
1/8 tsp turmeric powder (optional)

Hydrating Face Mask prepared with water


Prepare the Hydrating Aloe & Honey Face Mask with water and according to the directions. Crush a ripe strawberry with a fork, add the cream to the pulp and blend. It will remain somewhat pulpy, and that’s ok. Blend in the turmeric if you choose. Apply to the face leaving space around the eyes and nostrils. Leave on for ten minutes. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

Tea Tree & Albumin Mask for Oily/Combination Skin

Sept18-BlogSocialMaskRecipe-OilyAlbumin has been used for generations as a tightening agent, but it also has wonderful properties to help balance over-active skin. The powders options we suggest below are all vitamin rich and anti-inflammatory.


4-5 drops Purifying Serum
1/8 tsp blue manna or powdered spirulina or 1/8 tsp turmeric powder

1/2 tsp egg white, whisked


Prepare the Deep-Cleansing Tea Tree Face Mask with water and according to the directions. Add the egg white and the powder of your choice. Blend until smooth. Apply to the face leaving space around the eyes and nostrils. Leave on for 5-8 minutes. If left on for longer than 8 minutes, this mask becomes more difficult to rinse off. Remove with warm water and pat dry.

Chamomile & Cucumber Mask for Sensitive Skin

Sept18-BlogSocialMaskRecipe-SensitiveThis simple mask takes two naturally soothing ingredients to nourish your sensitive skin. The chamomile tea helps the mask to penetrate the skin and deliver goodness to your cells and the cucumber is not only naturally calming but will help to decrease puffiness too.


cooled chamomile tea
1/2 tbsp pureed cucumber

Calming Face Mask


Prepare the Calming Face Mask using the cooled chamomile tea in place of water. Blend according to the directions. Add the cucumber pulp (you can use the centre of the cucumber, as its the softest part) and blend until smooth. Apply to the face leaving space around the eyes and nostrils. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.