Maggie MacDonald Visits Rocky

This blog post was written by Abby-Lynn Knorr and posted on May 27th, 2014
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Maggie MacDoanald is an NGO activist, writer and musician originally from Cornwall, Ontario. In her work as a campaigner for Environmental Defence, Maggie is passionate about ridding bath & body products of toxins.

Her interest in all things toxic developed at an early age, when she lived next to a textile mill- “No Trespassing” was one of the first things she ever learned to read. On a recent visit to The Banff Centre she took the time to visit our workshop! Maggie has successfully detoxed her makeup collection, proving you can lose the lead without losing the red. She is now working to rid products of carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals, once and for all. You can follow Maggie on Twitter at @MacDonaldMaggie.

Check out the story of her tour here!



Our Brand Story…And New Logo!

This blog post was written by Abby-Lynn Knorr and posted on April 17th, 2014
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rocky_logoWe’ve been on a growth spurt! In 2005, we made the commitment to use only 100% Natural & Toxin-Free ingredients. In 2011, we opened our very first Toxin-Free concept store in Canmore, Alberta. In 2012, we promised to use as many organic ingredients as possible and get all GMO’s out of our products. (We are already well on our way!) In 2014, we renovated our Edmonton, Southgate store to be Toxin-Free, with a view to eventually rolling this vision out to all of our stores.

Change is in the air! We will continue to push for change in our industry as we shine the light on the many dangerous and toxic chemicals still being used in body care, as customers become more aware of the need go Toxin-Free.

What better time to update the look of our brand? The intent of our new logo is to reflect our simple, Toxin-Free approach to body care. It’s our stamp of approval that says ‘we advocate for a healthier, happier and cleaner way of life’.

We will also continue to expand our product line to offer a wide range of handmade bath and body care products. What will never change is our commitment to 100% Natural & Toxin-Free, and to protecting the health of people, animals, and our Earth… Won’t you join us?

NEW Hand Creams! Relief for Busy Hands

This blog post was written by Abby-Lynn Knorr and posted on January 9th, 2014
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handcreamTexting, driving, baking, sewing, clapping, hugging, typing, cleaning…do you realize just how much you do with your hands on a daily basis? That’s why we’re so excited to announce NEW Hand Creams now available in store and online! As always, there are no parabens, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals or any other nasty ingredients in these Hand Creams (or anything else we make for that matter). So you can enjoy rich moisture and protection for your hard-working hands without any worries at all. They’re even the perfect size to slip into your purse or keep in your car for that instant boost for dry hands. Choose from Lavender Chocolate, Lemongrass, Blossom Berry, Juicy Cherry and Apricot! Only $11. Take me to my new toxin-free Hand Creams please!

Miracle Happens!

This blog post was written by Abby-Lynn Knorr and posted on November 4th, 2013
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BB_FB_visual_lotionOur most delicious, feminine and intriguing scent launch to date. For those of you who love our other scents, them’s may seem like fightin’ words, but we stand behind them. So what makes this scent soooo amazing? Well, there’s just nothin’ else out there quite like it! We’ve taken the most beautiful, womanly floral scents nature has to offer and blended them with the most luscious, mouth-watering berry scents we could find. The result? An aromatic experience that starts out sweet but then mellows into a soft, heady scent that becomes uniquely yours as it blends in with your own body chemistry. Seriously, this stuff is addictive. Just give it a try! Click here to see our Blossom Berry collection.

Smell That? Me Neither.

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unscentwash245NEW Unscented Organic Body Lotion & Unscented Body Wash

Are you a sensitive soul? Would you rather go for a polar dip than stick your face in a bunch of easter lilies? Do you start to twitch when you come near scented stuff? Suffer no longer. We made a new Unscented Bodywash and Unscented Body Lotion just for you.

Lather up in the shower or at the sink with our rich castile soap then coat your hide with a creamy Organic Body Lotion to seal in the softness. We also have Unscented Body Butter and Unscented Bar Soap…so basically everything that sensitive folks dream of is here and ready to go. Enjoy the sneeze-free zone around you and take comfort in the fact that it’s completely natural.

It’s A Festival of Soap!

This blog post was written by Abby-Lynn Knorr and posted on August 22nd, 2013
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Things just keep a growin’ and a changin’ over here at this big ol’ pile of soap. We’re excited to announce some fabulous new additions to our bar soap roster. Some of these scents started as popular feature soaps, others are a mash together of two soaps that work better as one, still others are brand spanking new. We hope you’re inspired by these 9 new scents because you inspired us to make them.

Shea Butter Facial Bar – Awesomely hydrating and great for dry skin.

Juicy Orange Facial Bar – A burst of juicy sweetness for oily and problem skin. This bar is seriously amazing smelling.

Fruit Smoothie – For the love of sweet Honeydew…and oh so pretty.

Minty Tea Tree – A new incarnation using Tea Tree, Mint & Eucalyptus. You’ll love the jojoba beads for sensational exfoliation. Breathe it in!

Shampoo Bar with Rosemary – Great for short hair and with a lovely new herbal scent.

Honey, Oats & Cocoa Butter – Sweet and soothing. Great for dry skin.

Raspberry Rooibos – A berry pretty bar with a sweet scent and the exfoliating powers of Rooibos tea.

Peppermint Shave Bar – The same shave you love but with a burst of Minty freshness.

Yarrow Scrub – A hard-working bar for those who like to play in the dirt.

Discontinued Scents

With the addition of our exciting new bar soaps we must announce the retirement of others. Currently we still have some of each of these scents in stock but be ye warned, these will only be available while supplies last…after that they’re truly gonzo!

Green Tea


Men’s Stuff Citron

Foot Scrub (try our new Yarrow Scrub for hands & feet)

Gardener with Yarrow (try our new Yarrow Scrub for hands & feet)

Men’s Stuff Shampoo Bar (try our new Shampoo Bar with Rosemary)

Men’s Stuff Shave Bar (try our new Peppermint Shave Bar)

Orange Juice (if you love this bar try our new Juicy Orange Facial Bar)

Honey & Oatmeal (try our new Honey, Oats & Cocoa Butter)

Toxin-Free Your Life: Nano is a No-No

This blog post was written by Abby-Lynn Knorr and posted on June 25th, 2013
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Freedom is not having to check a label every time I purchase body products.” Karina Birch

Lets talk about very, very small things…something so small that it’s measured in billionths of a meter. No, it’s not the Grinch’s heart. We’re talking about nano-particles. Nano-technology is used in sunscreen to improve skin penetration and a smoother appearance after application. Crushing zinc-oxide or titanium dioxide down until its particles are 100,000 smaller than a hair shaft makes it more transparent once it’s applied. You’ve seen the solid white effect of putting pure zinc on your nose? That’s the look that most folks want to avoid.

However what most people don’t realize is that there are potential health risks involved in using particles of this size because of how easily the particles penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream.

There is pressure being put on the FDA to regulate this technology, and the FDA agrees that nanotechnology has unknown effects on the human body, but until regulation is officially put in place its up to you to outsmart these potentially toxic products. Choose a sunscreen that doesn’t use nano-particles. Depending on the colour of your skin you may notice a light whitening effect, but wouldn’t you rather glow a little than expose yourself to un-tested invisible particulate matter?

If you’re interested in learning more, here are two great articles from The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics: More Bad News About Sunscreens: Nanopoarticles and Dr. Mike Hart: Is Your Sunscreen Causing Cancer?

NEW Sunscreen! As Natural As Shade

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A natural sunscreen is something we’ve been asked for a lot over the years. Making a sunscreen that works, smells great, and doesn’t contain parabens, phthalates or nano-particles is a challenge and a half.  We are very happy to announce we’ve done just that.

Our new natural broad spectrum Vanilla Coconut Sunscreen line includes an SPF 30 Body Lotion, an SPF 15 Lip Butter, and an SPF 15 Face Stick. This line uses zinc oxide to reflect both UVA and UVB rays away from the skin. Enjoy the beachy scent of Vanilla and Coconut while you protect your skin from sunburn and sun damage. It contains Shea and Cocoa butter as well, so you’ll find it moisturizing to boot.

SPF 30 Body Lotion – $22

SPF 15 Face Stick – $14

SPF 15 Lip Butter – $8.50

NEW! Coconut…The Dark Side of Vanilla

This blog post was written by Abby-Lynn Knorr and posted on June 4th, 2013
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2006 was a sad year. It was when we made the decision to discontinue our Vanilla line. Shortly after we had made the commitment to use only 100% natural ingredients we discovered that the Vanilla scent we had been using was not quite natural enough to fit our mandate at 99.6%. Call it splitting hairs, but to us it is vital that we draw a line and don’t step over it. At the time Vanilla was our most popular scent and it was really tough  to say good-bye. That is why we are jumping up and down excited to be able to say; It’s BAAAAAAACK!! It’s back and it’s better than ever. Why is it better than ever? Because like all memorable characters, our Vanilla has a dark side, cleverly taken from one of the world’s most popular and beloved tropical plants…the carefree coconut palm. Thus we introduce to you Vanilla…with Coconut. If you love the smell of being on a tropical beach you’re going to fall in love with this collection. Let it take you away to an island paradise where only good-for-you natural products grow.

Win A FREE Giftset for Your Mom!

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She birthed you, fed you, taught you, cradled you. She’s carted you and your stuff to the rink and the pool, cleaned up after you and been your number one fan your whole life long. She knows your favourite food and the weird veggies you’ve just never liked. She is your champion. Chances are she also knows how to push your buttons and you hers, but at the heart of it, is there anyone who loves you more than your dearest mother? Submit your story on our Facebook page telling us why you love your mom. We’ll send a giftset full of 100% natural bath and body goodies directly to winners mom’s door for Mother’s Day. We’ll announce two winners on May 1 and two winners on May 8. First place prize is a Gratitude Gift set and second place is a lovely Lavender Gift set. You don’t have to lift a finger, we’ll ship it right to your mom!

Don’t you love your mother nature?