DIY Hydrating Cucumber Face Masks

July3rd-blogsocial-DIYCucWhether you’ve got oily or dry skin, cucumber will benefit your pretty mug. Try one of these easy mask recipes and reap all the benefits of the uber-hydrating and anti-inflammatory cuke. Your skin will feel soft and refreshed.

Cucumber & Mint Face Mask for Oily Skin
1/2 cucumber
a few crushed mint leaves
the white of 1 egg
2 tsp of lemon juice
optional – a drop of lemongrass or juniper essential oil, both great for toning oily skin.

Remove the seeds from the cucumber. Blend everything up until its nice and frothy. Leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes to cool. Apply to the face (make sure you tie your hair back) and relax for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

Cucumber & Aloe Face Mask for Dry Skin
​1/2 cucumber
​2 tbsp aloe vera
optional – a drop of rose, geranium, or lavender essential oil. All wonderful for dry skin.

Remove the seeds from the cucumber before blending everything into a paste. Leave in the fridge for 30 minutes to cool. Apply to the face and relax for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

The Benefits of Queen Cucumber

July3rd-blogsocial-QnCucYou might think of cucumber as conveniently packaged water and while they are 95% H2O, make no mistake…this humble green veggie packs a nutritional punch for your body both on the inside and the out.

For your inner beauty, it contains mega B vitamins as well as vitamin K and a host of other necessary nutrients that come together to fight inflammation, reduce the risk of cancer, and nourish the brain. They’re rich in anti-oxidants so enjoy them for their ability to keep you young and well-hydrated. If you feel like your breath might need a little freshening, pop in a cucumber slice and suck on it for a while. If you’re a fan of fresh veggie juice, don’t forget to include cucumber as it makes the perfect base.

For your skin, cucumber has a wonderful cooling and anti-inflammatory effect. You can’t find any better treatment for puffy eyes than two slices of cool cucumber.
Cucumber and skin have the same percentage of water content so along with its hydrating and softening effects this juicy little veg is the perfect one to select when making a facial treatment at home. If you’re keen to try one of our cucumber based face masks, just check out this blog.

Our Newest Toxin-Free Store is Now Open in Market Mall!

MarketMall-OPEN-SMHello Market Mall! Are we happy to see you. We are so pleased to be able to say that we have opened another Rocky location in Calgary (did you know we have three others? Yes we do; TD Centre, Southcentre, and Chinook).

It takes a village to open a store and this one has been no exception. Thanks to everyone of the soap stars who made the magic happen! We’re excited about it because it marks the next evolution of toxin-free store design, and we think you’ll agree when you see it for yourself that it is completely unique. We’ve achieved a new level of sustainability and have worked closely with manufacturers and trades to make sure this store is free from any of the items found on our red list and is as environmentally friendly as possible.

A couple of examples of these efforts include the American Clay walls which help to purify the air, the signature white wood which is reclaimed pine, and the marble display tables which have been rescued from an office building in Toronto and given new life in our store.

The backlit bottle wall we erected as a visual reminder of our roots; nature. With the art, design and materials we’ve used, we wanted to remind everyone where we’ve come from and where we’re going. Once upon a time body care was made from the plants, flowers and trees found in our own back yards. In the chemical boom of the 60’s we were seduced by the effect that synthetic products could have on our skin, teeth and hair.

Decades later, we’re finally waking up to the fact that our great-grandparents had it right all along. Everything we need to keep us clean, healthy and beautiful is provided by the earth.

Come visit our newest gem in Market Mall and say hello to Miranda and the team. As always we ‘heart’ your feedback so let us know what you think!

DIY 100% Natural Manicure

June23-BlogSocial-DIY-ManiThey type, they cook, they drive, they create, they massage away the hurt and tend the bruised, they encourage through touch, they comfort and calm, they work hard, and they are an expression of you. It’s time to baby your wonderful hands with the most nourishing and healing ingredients our planet provides.

Step 1
Fill a bowl full of warm water and choose from some super-fatted hand soap (our is made with coconut oil and is super hydrating), or you can use some 100% natural conditioner (yep, the same stuff you’d use on your hair). Put a little of your chosen substance into the water and swish around to blend. Let your hands soak in the water for at least 5 minutes, longer if you have time.

Step 2
Use either a sugar scrub or a salt scrub to scrub away dry and dead skin. Sugar scrubs are gentle and dissolve while you’re using them. Salt is more exfoliating and won’t dissolve away, for those who want a more intense scrub.

Step 3
Rinse in warm water and pat dry. Use clean tools to trim your nails and gently push back your cuticles (never cut them). If your fingernails are ridged you can buff them until they are nice and shiny. Gently file the edges so there are no sharp corners to catch on things.

Step 4
If your cuticles are dry or you tend to get hangnails, you can really benefit from trying our Cuticle Butter. We’ve used comfrey and myrrh essential oils as well as vitamin e to help condition and preserve the health and beauty of your nails. We’ve even had people write in and tell us that this little product has helped their nails grow faster. Simply apply a dab to the base of each nail and massage it in all around the nail bed.

Step 5
If your hands are super dry, you can use our Hand Butter for a rich and very protective coating on your hands. If your hands are less dry you could also choose a scented or unscented Hand Cream. Massage the chosen moisturizer in between all your fingers and up the wrists an backs of the hands. If you have the luxury to put on a pair of moisturizing gloves and do nothing while the nourishment sinks in, your hands will thank you for it.

The Best Essential Oils for Energy

June19-BlogSocial-essential-oilWhether you’ve hit that famous 2pm slump or are trying to blast through some heavy mental lifting at work, mother nature provides some amazing essential oils to help reduce fatigue and improve clarity and focus. Some of the top performers include citrus oils like blood orange, lemon, and lime. These zesty and juicy smelling oils will give you an instant burst of energy and will help clear the cobwebs from your head.

Rosemary is also known as an excellent tonic for the brain and can be used to increase efficiency and concentration, especially for students who need to cram for an exam. Coriander and basil essential oils have been used to stimulate brain function and boost the mood. Both of them have the ability to ease a sense of nervous tension and anxiety.

We know exactly how tough it can be to try and hold your eyes open and keep your brain on point when you’ve had not enough sleep or just aren’t feeling your best. That’s why we made Revive Aromatherapy Spray with our own blend of coriander, basil, lime and rosemary essential oils. Simply shake well and spray on yourself and in your surroundings to help give you the energy and focus you need to get through the day.

DIY Gift for Teacher: Chalkboard Potted Plant

June11-BlogSocial-DIYIt’s nearly the end of the school season, can you believe summer holidays is just about upon us? Don’t forget to say thank you to all of the teachers, coaches, and mentors who have made a difference in your child’s life. Here is an idea for a cute little do-it-yourself gift that will make them melt. It’s easy to make several all at once for all the special people you want to thank.

What you’ll need:
A ceramic flower pot
A packet of wildflower seeds
Chalkboard paint. Check out this link for eco-friendly chalkboard paint.
A brush
A few pieces of coloured chalk
A small piece of ribbon
A cute little rag
How to make it:
We recommend doing the chalkboard painting out of doors. Paint the outside of the flowerpot according the the instructions on the paint you’ve chosen. Once dry you can hand draw whatever thank you message you feel inspired to write. Tuck your little seed packet inside along with the folded rag. Tie the little piece of ribbon around the chalk and tuck those inside as well. If you feel so inclined to tie a bow around the pot to finish it off then go for it. Your thoughtful gift is ready to go!

Get Ready for Sandal Season with a DIY 100% Natural Pedicure

June9-DIYPedicure-BlogSocialIt’s time to bring those tootsies out of hibernation, free them to the fresh air and sunshine, and proudly sport those smashing new sandals you’ve been itching to wear. Hold on a minute…does the thought of baring your feet to the world make you cringe? No worries. You can prep your feet for the stage in no time with in a few simple steps (pun intended).

First of all, get in there with some clippers to trim the toenails and file off any sharp edges. A more square toenail is less likely to get a hangnail than a very rounded off toenail, so keep the shape more on the square side).

Then get yourself a little tub of warm soapy water because freshly washed feet are the easiest to work with. You can add epsom salts to the warm water if your feet are sore. Check out our Foot Soak salt made with Lemongrass and Fir Needle essential oils to deodorize and refresh tired sore feet.

Once you’ve allowed your feet to soak and soften, now is the perfect time to use either sugar or salt to scrub away all dry and dead skin and reveal fresh glowing skin. You might fall in love with our Bamboo Salt Scrub for just this reason. It’s chock full of hydrating oils and the spearmint and grapefruit oils are refreshing and uplifting not only for your feet but  for the senses. When you rinse away the salt scrub you’ll be left with a hydrating layer of oils. Be sure to rinse well and pat dry to absorb any excess oils. Don’t walk around on wood or tile floors at this point because your feet will be slippery. This is a good time to push the cuticles back gently. You should never cut the cuticle, just push it back gently with a soft tool or your thumbnail. You can use our Cuticle Butter if they are dry to provide moisture and nutrients to the nail and the nail bed.

The final step in this luxurious treatment involves coating and moisturizing your feet with our Foot Butter and putting on a pair of socks (fresh from the dryer feels amazing) to allow the magic to happen. You can do this routine at night if you wish and in the morning all the wonderful oils will be absorbed and your feet will be baby soft and sandal-ready.

Foot Soak Salt
Bamboo Scrub
Foot Butter
Cuticle Butter

Nominate Someone and You Both Could WIN!

Nominate1We want to hear all about the people in your world who brighten your day and brighten the world!

Nominate someone who does the little things to make the world a brighter place and both your nominee and yourself will be entered to win one of our Summer Care Kits. We’ll be giving away one set for each of our store locations and one set for our online winners.

In-Store Entries:
If you’re entering in one of our stores, simply fill out the ballot provided with your nominee’s name, what they do to brighten the world, and your own name. Tuck it into the lemonade jar you’ll find near the ballots in-store. Winners will be drawn from the lemonade jar at contest close.

Online Entires:
Simply visit our facebook page at put your nomination and what your nominee does to brighten your world in the comments section on our wall.

You can make as many nominations as you like. Contest closes at 12pm MST on August 1, 2015.

Vanilla Mint Iced Tea Recipe

June5-IcedTeaRecipeThe hot and hazy days of summer are on their way. What better way to stay cool and refreshed than with some delicious home-made iced tea! This simple recipe makes 1 gallon of deliciousness and combines the sweetness of vanilla with a refreshing burst of mint. You can enjoy this drink with or without a sweetener.

What You’ll Need:

    • 12 tea bags
    • 1 gallon water
    • 1 1/2 cups of sweetener if desired (could be palm sugar, xylitol, coconut sugar)
    • 2 cups loosely packed fresh mint leaves, crushed or chopped
    • 1 1/2 tablespoons vanilla extract

Boil 4 cups of water and pour over the 12 teabags which you’ve placed into a pitcher. Allow it to sit for half an hour (longer if you want a stronger tea flavour). The squeeze the liquid from bags into the pitcher and remove the bags.

Add more water to the pitcher to fill it up. Add the crushed mint and the vanilla extract let sit for 20 minutes. Mint leaves may be removed or kept in the pitcher. Serve over ice and enjoy!

Toxin-Free Living & Detoxification (Part 2 of 2) By Dr. Cheryl Cooper, ND

May28-BlogSocial-Toxin-Free2As established in Part 1, it’s impossible to avoid toxins in our lives, but there are many ways to reduce exposure and the impact they have on our health.  The first step is evaluating our environment and making a list of sources of toxins in our daily lives. This requires reading labels on food, cosmetics, body products, cleaning supplies, and gradually eliminating anything with toxic chemicals. As a rule, if you can’t eat something, you should think twice before you use it on your skin or in your environment. Remember that every chemical your put on your skin or come into contact with can be absorbed into your body.

There are certain chemicals that have been established to be pervasive in our homes, they’ve been found in the blood and urine of North Americans[1] and have been identified as being hazardous to our health. These include VOCs (volatile organic compounds), parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), PDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers), BPA (bisphenol A), PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), acrylamide, mercury, MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether). There are a number of credible websites that provide detailed information on these chemicals as well as tips for reducing exposure.

Some of my favourites include:

Other ways to help your body to eliminate toxins include eating foods that support the body’s natural detoxification pathways. The foods that can help the body to break down and eliminate toxins include cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts), green leafy vegetables, cilantro, garlic, onions, nuts and seeds, healthy fats (avocado and coconut oil), berries and whole grains.[2] In addition, buying organic food as much as possible, but especially the Dirty Dozen fruits and vegetables which includes apples, peaches, nectarines, strawberries, grapes, celery, spinach, sweet peppers, cucumbers, cherries, snap peas, potatoes, hot peppers, kale and collard greens.[3]

For adults, doing a whole body detox at least twice a year to ensure the body’s detoxification organs (liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin) are functioning optimally to eliminate toxins and minimize their impact on our health.[4] This can be done in a number of ways and can vary in length from 1 week to 30 days or more depending on the individual and their needs. For more information on how to do a detoxification feel free to send me your questions at