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This blog post was written by Abby-Lynn Knorr and posted on August 19th, 2010
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We received this wonderful testimonial yesterday, and would like to share it with you because we know that Mary-Ann is not alone.  If her letter can help even one other person then it is worth two minutes of your time to pass this along to anyone you know who might benefit from it.

Thanks to Mary-Ann for taking the time to write to us, and for giving us permission to share her story with you.  These kinds of letters are why we love what we do!

While visiting family in the lake Louise area 4 days ago.  I walked into your shop in Banff and found this amazing product you have for Eczema. Now I must tell you I don’t have Eczema, I  have a skin condition known as psoriasis  mixed with a bit of rosacea.  I am on several creams and hormones to prevent the outbreaks, which you can see on the pic i have sent. This photo is mild compared to the outbreaks that I can get.

I am shy of having my pic taken as I am severely embarrassed of my skin at the times i have broken out.  Any way while i was there I had a severe break out and had forgotten my ointments so I needed something to get me by until I got back to my creams.  I walked into your store and found the most loving individual I have ever met behind the counter. She treated me with the utmost respect and didn’t make me feel like a monster when I asked if she had anything to soothe the discomfort I was in.  She smiled (which never happens) and showed me the pumpkin soap with body butter for eczema.  She advised that since it is not eczema that it may not work right away but said I may get some relief from my burning pain.  She was an angel.  I have always been treated ill when these redness attacks occur and to have someone look past the patches on my face and neck and actually care about making me feel better was a wonderful surprise.  I took the product went straight back to where I was staying in Lake Louise and showered, looking forward to the pain retreating.

To my surprise the next day my face was clear and totally free from any signs of a breakout.  I was not burning or itchy or irritated in any way…I had found a miracle and wanted more.  I returned the next day and bought 3 more bars of the soap as I was leaving for the airport in hours and couldn’t leave my secret behind…LOL and now four days later I still have the skin of a child again.  Thank you so much to you and your wonderful staff.  You have made a person whom felt ugly and out of place feel beautiful and accepted again…I am A ROCKY MOUNTAIN SOAP LOVER FOR LIFE!!!


Mary-Ann Sauvé

Ottawa, ON