Natural Scents to Fill Your Home

Nov24-BlogSocial-NaturalScentsFillHomeThere’s nothing like coming home to the sweet and spicy smell of a holiday pie baking in the oven. It has a magical way of warming the body and relaxing the spirit.  It’s tempting to artificially create these delicious scents in our home with scented candles or air fresheners, but there’s such an easy alternative that’s 100% natural and toxin-free.  …Read More

Beauty Benefits of Ginger for Your Skin

Nov24-BlogSocial-GingerBenefitsWe all know that ginger is a wonderful home remedy for everything from an upset stomach to cold and flu symptoms. But did you know it also has some impressive beauty benefits? It’s true.

1. Anti-aging

Ginger is abundant in antioxidants that are responsible for not only increasing blood circulation, but fighting off free radicals that protect our skin.  …Read More

What’s in Your Bubble Bath?

Nov9-BlogSocial-WhatsInYourBubbleBathSinking into a warm and luxurious bubble bath after a long and strenuous day feels like pure bliss, doesn’t it? Well, until you discover what’s lurking beneath those bubbles.

Did you know that there are more than 85,000 chemicals in use in today’s marketplace have not been tested for long-term human health impact? Eek. At Rocky, if we’re not sure that something is safe over the long-haul, then we won’t use it. Especially when there are amazing natural ingredients offered by our planet that can keep us bubbly, clean, and smelling delightful!  …Read More

Natural Stress Busters To The Rescue

Nov5-NaturalStressRelief_SM HeadersIf there was ever a day to embrace being cool, calm and collected…it was yesterday, National Stress Awareness Day!

It’s so important that we all have effective ways of managing daily stress. Whether it’s a long run in the crisp outdoors, curled up with a romantic movie that we’ve seen a hundred times, or indulging in some rich …Read More

New Handmade and Artisanal Holiday Gift Sets

Lip_Butter_Bliss_SeasonalWe love the holidays! This year, we wanted to do something unique and artisanal to truly celebrate this magical time of year.

So we’ve brought the spirit of the holidays alive through beautiful new handmade and artisanal holiday gift sets. For everyone on your list! Every gift set tells its own special story through a custom watercolour painting, a short story, and the use of sustainable materials. Inside each gift set are a collection of 100% natural and toxin-free products that will leave you filled with peace and calm. …Read More

Review Our New Skincare Products and WIN!

Oct25-BlogSocial-WinGiftCardWe want to hear from you!
Yes, you! Have you tried our new skincare products yet? What did you think of them? Did they make your skin glow? Did everyone ask for your magical secret? We can’t wait to hear!

Between now and Friday, review any of our skincare products and be entered into a draw for a chance to win a $100 gift card from Rocky. The more reviews you write, the more chances you have to win!

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Should you be using an eye cream?


Your Sweet and Smiling Eyes.

The skin around your eyes is thinner and more fragile than the rest of your face. The delicate nature of this area makes it particularly prone to dryness, and will often show the signs of aging before other areas of your face. When it comes to caring for your eye area, you need to treat it with ingredients that hydrate and protect. Think of your face as soft, organic cotton, and the skin around your eyes as silk. Silk requires special attention to keep it looking and feeling soft and beautiful.

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How We’re Reducing Waste at Rocky

Oct19-BlogSocial-WasteReductionWeekOctober 19 – 25 is Waste Reduction Week. What an awesome topic to dedicate an entire week to.  At Rocky, there is a lot we are doing and there’s a lot we’d like to do in the future too (think our own rooftop garden for example). We’re not perfect but we’re getting better all the time. Here are some of the things we’re currently doing at Rocky to minimize our impact as a business…

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What’s Waste Reduction Week All About?

Oct19-BlogSocial-WasteReductionWeekOctober 19 – 25th is Waste Reduction Week. WRW happens in the 3rd week of October every year and was developed when several recycling coalitions across Canada got together and defined their mission; To inform Canadians about the environmental and social ramifications of wasteful practices.

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Ways To Reduce Waste in Your Home

October 19 – 25 is Waste Reduction Week across Canada! There are a lot of simple things you can do in your own home to reduce waste and ingrain environmentally responsible habits. Here are a few to get you started. If you’re already doing all of these then you get a big gold star!

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