Mother and Baby

Care for your belly and nurture your infant gently and naturally.

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Baby Bum Balm

Tested and loved by cloth diapering parents, this is the purest most toxin-free bum balm available.

CAD $12.00 - 20.00


Baby Bum Powder

Natural, talc-free and soft and silky. Toxin-Free Baby Powder for your little bundle of joy.

CAD $14.00

Baby Bum Spray

Great for use during diaper changes and excellent for treating diaper rash.

CAD $18.00

Nipple Butter

A rich, natural and toxin-free ointment to soothe and soften sore, cracked nipples.

CAD $12.00

Baby Foaming Wash

Gentle self-foaming baby soap allows you to always keep one hand on your little one.

CAD $15.00 - 44.40


Baby Body Butter

This soft organic butter is perfect for moisturizing your baby.

CAD $15.00

Belly Body Butter

Tight, itchy belly? Coat your bump in this rich Shea Butter and infuse your skin with elasticity.

CAD $15.00

Baby Bear Soap

A gentle and soothing bar soap made especially for babies.

CAD $5.25