Renew your parched hands and cracked heels. Keep them forever supple.
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Foot & Sandal Mist

Instantly refresh your soles with our all-natural deodorizing Foot & Sandal Mist. It is an instant pick-me-up for tired, achy and smelly feet..

CAD $12.50

Foot Butter

There is no need to suffer with dry feet or cracked heels ever again. Foot butter is so super it should have a cape.

CAD $15.00

For Soft Hands & Feet

Treat hands and feet to the best ingredients nature has to offer.

CAD $16.00

Apricot Hand Cream

A juicy and delicious escape, any time of day.

CAD $11.00

Blossom Berry Hand Cream

A sweet and floral combination sure to melt your heart.

CAD $11.00

Foot Soak Salts

Unhappy feet? Be kind to them. Refresh and soften them with fir needle and grapefruit.

CAD $5.00

Juicy Cherry Hand Cream

The sweet fruits of a summer orchard, in a little tube of magic.

CAD $11.00

Lavender Chocolate Hand Cream

a silky lavender wrap for your hands.

CAD $11.00

Lemongrass Hand Cream

A fresh lemongrass paraben-free hand lotion.

CAD $11.00

Love Your Feet

A complete foot spa package to cleanse, nourish, polish and hydrate your feet. "A facial for your feet"

CAD $39.00

Cuticle Butter

Massage into base of nails and cuticles to soften skin, prevent hangnails, and encourage strong healthy nails.

CAD $7.50

Foot Butter (travel size)

Apply daily - cover with socks.

CAD $7.50

Hand Butter

The ultimate long-lasting hand cream with nourishing Avocado & Neroli to hydrate & protect dry hands and cracked skin.

CAD $17.00

Hand Butter (travel size)

The ultimate long-lasting hand care with nourishing Avocado & Neroli oils to protect dry hands and cracked skin.

CAD $8.50

Microplane Foot File

For smooth, baby soft feet. Calluses / dry skin quickly disappear.

CAD $16.00

Pumice Stone

Natural pumice stone effectively removes dry calloused skin.

CAD $4.99