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Foot Butter

There is no need to suffer with dry feet or cracked heels ever again. Foot butter is so super it should have a cape.

CAD $15.00

Geranium Deodorant

Liquid crystal natural deodorant with a light floral scent.

CAD $8.50

Juicy Cherry Body Lotion

Get your cherry fix while luxuriating in super soft skin.

CAD $20.00

Lemongrass Hand & Body Wash

Liquid Gold! Uplifting essential oils of lemongrass and rosemary are a requested favorite.

CAD $12.50

Pumpkin Soap

A very mild soap for dry irritated skin.

CAD $5.25

Unscented Body Butter

Dry skin sucks big time. This is your secret weapon.

CAD $14.00

Vanilla Candy Cane Body Lotion

Luxuriate in silky moisture and a fresh festive scent.

CAD $20.00

Vanilla Candy Cane Soap

Lather up the joy of the holidays

CAD $5.25

Men's Stuff Deodorant

Made of natural liquid crystals, smells great and just works.

CAD $8.50

Beech Tree Bud Eye Cream

The window to the soul deserves a beautiful frame. OK, that was cheesy. Keep your peepers pretty by taking care of them with amazing natural ingredients.

CAD $35.00

Peppermint Lip Butter

A refreshing minty experience!

CAD $5.00

Pomegranate Day Cream

A rich everyday face moisturizer that uses all the anti-aging qualities of Pomegranate. For skin that turns heads.

CAD $30.00

Sport Bath Salts - Bottle

Soak to soothe muscular aches and pains from exercise, injuries or chronic conditions.

CAD $19.00

Six Soap Sampler

Variety is the spice of the holidays.

CAD $21.00

Soap by the Slab

Purchase soap by the slab and save 20%. Click through for details.

CAD $73.50