Our Commitment to the Environment

In keeping with our commitment to only produce 100% natural products, we also strive to consider the environment in every decision that we make.

When it goes down the drain: Our products are biodegradable and not harmful to natural watersheds and eco-systems.

Minimal Packaging: Our gift sets are crafted without the use of plastic, cello, or metal, and our packaging is selected and sourced with sustainability in mind. We only use secondary packaging when absolutely necessary. We print on recyclable or recycled paper with vegetable inks.

Wind Power: We use Bullfrog Power to power our workshop and stores (basically they inject the same amount of wind power back into the grid that we’ve used up, replacing any dirty energy with clean).

Shipping: We pack our shipments with biodegradable cornstarch peanuts (yeah, they’re edible but they’re a little bland); and re-use our boxes until they can’t be used anymore, then recycle them. We also use and re-use boxes from other companies as well.

Lighting: Our stores all use high efficiency lights to reduce power consumption and replacement bulbs.

At the Workshop: We incentivize staff to car-pool, cycle, or walk to work. We recycle all the paper towel we use in our bathrooms – hey, every little bit helps.

We aren’t perfect, but we do love the earth, and try to make our environmental footprint as small as we can.