I’ll Wash Yours If You Wash Mine

February 11, 2010 1 min read

We’re typically a company that sticks with ‘safe’.  Our products are 100% natural.  I never drop f-bombs (although there is a first time for everything).  During our Winter Celebration Party we went tubing… and wore helmets.  For Valentine’s Day last year we put together a giftset filled with foot products and called it ‘Tickle Her Toes’.  Cute.  And safe.

So this year, we’re dipping a toe into the unknown and venturing into the ‘risque’ with the messaging on our giftsets.   If you come into our stores or go online for a Valentine’s Day giftset, you’ll see her front and centre, and you’ll notice her not so bawdy sister…’Love. Love. Love.”  Just for you Beatles fans.

Why the duality?  Well, we had an internal debate about these sets (as we do with most things) and the vote was split down the middle so we produced both and decided to let you tell us which one you like.

I worked in the Calgary store last thursday and made sure to ask around.  The feedback was unanimous.  People loved “I’ll Wash yours If You Wash Mine”.  Mind you…they were mostly dudes.

Want to help shape the direction of future messages from us? Which is your favorite?

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