No More Plastic Bags!

February 25, 2010

We have a Green Team here at Rocky.  OK, we used to have a Green Team of about 6 people, which has somehow become a team of one.  Andrea Bauer, Southgate Centre Assistant Manager by day, renegade zealot for the earth and recycler extrordinaire by night now embodies our Green Team.  Though I’d like to think we’re all some shade of green here at the Soap Co (definitely feeling a little chartreuse coming on after I overate date squares at the potluck today) since we make a biodegradable product, use cornstarch peanuts in our shipping (which aren’t bad with a little salt), and use Bullfrog Power (wind energy).

Andrea’s Green Mail, which she sends to us every month contained some very interesting facts:

Leaf Rapids, Manitoba has become the FIRST Canadian town to take the leap and ban plastic bags and enforce a $1000 fine to retailers who don’t comply.

China, South Africa and the cities of Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Mumbai have outright banned plastic bags. In South Africa retailers caught handing out the bags face a $13,800 fine or 10yr jail sentence! A hefty tax in Ireland has caused a drop in usage of 95%.

I’m happy to say we now have our reusable bags available in store. They are cute, pink, work great as a lunch bag, and can double as a tea cosy in a pinch.  Don’t forget your reusable bags when you’re out and about, but make sure you wash them when they need it, otherwise you’ll have an unwelcome grow op in your trunk.