Do You Have Fragile Nails?

March 10, 2010

I came back from lunch to a very quiet office, Red and I were the only two people clacking away on our keyboards. Out of the blue I hear her say, ‘Do you want a story for your website?’It would be nice if you could hear her tell it yourself, she’s from Ireland and has the loveliest accent (and red hair, hence the nickname), but the story is the important part. She enthusiastically explained that she has had soft nails that tear really easily for pretty much her whole life. She started using our Cuticle Butter two weeks ago and her nails are firm, long and healthy looking. I know, I saw and felt em’!

So for those of you who suffer from soft nails that rip and tear easily, Red has been using it for only two weeks and already she’s “so impressed”. She dabs the butter, which is quite soft, at the base of each nail. Then rubs it into her cuticle, and then massages each finger out from the base to bring blood and nutrients towards her fingertips. The blend of Vitamin E, comfrey oil, and myrrh keep nails supple but strong.

I love when people from our staff tell me about successes they’ve had with our products. Everyone seems to have at least one that made a difference in their lives. Please feel free to share yours too!