Make Your Own Fun & Fizzy Bath Bombs

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This is the perfect overcast day activity to when you feel like spring is taking forever to get here!

What you'll need:
1-5 drops of your favourite essential oil
1 tbsp water
2.5 tbsp of coconut oil or vegetable oil
A tsp of beet juice for colour (or a few drops of food colouring if you wish)
4 oz salt (epsom or mineral salts will work)
4 oz citric acid
4 oz cornstarch
8 oz baking soda
A large glass bowl
A whisk
A mold (optional as you can also just hand mold them)

Step One: Blend all the dry ingredients in your glass bowl and use a whisk to break down any lumps.

Step Two: Blend all the wet ingredients together. You could use a jar to shake it all together. To mix the two together, add your wet ingredients bit by bit to the dry ingredients, and stir steadily to blend. If you're getting fizz then you are adding the wet ingredients too quickly. You may need to add the liquid only a tiny amount at a time. This takes patience!

Step Three: Once you have the lot blended you'll have a mixture with a damp consistency that will hold together when pressed into a clump or a ball.

Step Four: At this point you have a short window to mold the mixture into bath bombs. Either press them into pre-built molds (this is the easiest way to go) or hand mold them (and good luck getting them spherical!). Enjoy your toxin free bath bombs in a late winter tub!

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