The Best Essential Oils for Energy

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Whether you've hit that famous 2pm slump or are trying to blast through some heavy mental lifting at work, mother nature provides some amazing essential oils to help reduce fatigue and improve clarity and focus. Some of the top performers include citrus oils like blood orange, lemon, and lime. These zesty and juicy smelling oils will give you an instant burst of energy and will help clear the cobwebs from your head.

Rosemary is also known as an excellent tonic for the brain and can be used to increase efficiency and concentration, especially for students who need to cram for an exam. Coriander and basil essential oils have been used to stimulate brain function and boost the mood. Both of them have the ability to ease a sense of nervous tension and anxiety.

We know exactly how tough it can be to try and hold your eyes open and keep your brain on point when you've had not enough sleep or just aren't feeling your best. That's why we made Revive Aromatherapy Spray with our own blend of coriander, basil, lime and rosemary essential oils. Simply shake well and spray on yourself and in your surroundings to help give you the energy and focus you need to get through the day.

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