September 16, 2015

It sounds something you might make at Hogwarts (I have Potions at half-ten, and Serums after, I like that class. The professor is so cool) and indeed they are a little bit like magic. Think of a serum as a super-charged vitamin boost for your skin.

The same way we take our vitamins and our omega 3 capsules to keep our bodies healthy and our immune system strong, you add a serum to your skincare ritual to give your skin a boost of nourishment. Adding the right serum can help balance combination skin, purify oily skin, hydrate dry skin, and restore mature skin. No matter what your skin type, the right serum should leave your skin with a dewy, healthy looking glow.

Our serums are formulated by first creating a base of natural oils that are chosen for a variety of reasons. The base oils are always hydrating, have a pleasant texture when applied, and penetrate the skin quickly without leaving a greasy feeling. Not only do we want our serums to be packed with powerful healing botanicals, but we want it to be delivered to all layers of the skin quickly and pleasantly. You'll know your skin was thirsty for nourishment when it drinks up a serum, leaving your skin hydrated and soft to the touch.

Once we have a nourishing base that we know your skin will love, we continue to build the serum with a specific skin type in mind. Essential oils are extremely effective, and must be chosen with care. For instance, if we are formulating a serum for mature skin we would choose botanicals known for their anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and restorative powers (such as Frankincense and Sea Buckthorn). If we are formulating for blemish-prone skin, we would choose different oils (such as Tea Tree and Grapefruit).

Our products usually have a great scent naturally because we use fresh and 100% natural ingredients, but we want to ensure the experience is as cohesive and amazing for the user as possible, so we will tweak and fiddle until we get the scent just right. Of course we will do this without using any synthetic scents, chemical stabilizers or preservatives, or anything that isn't completely toxin-free and natural.

The resulting product is a little bottle full of mother nature's most effective and beneficial ingredients for your specific skin type. Using a serum a few times a week after cleansing (ideally while your skin is still a little damp) is guaranteed to improve the look, feel, and quality of your skin.

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