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April 06, 2020 3 min read 5 Comments

Clean hands are all the rage and help prevent the spread of germs. Since our Health Canada approved Nomad Hand Sanitizer joined the ranks of our Rocky line at the end of March, we wanted to share some knowledge about hand sanitizer. Remember, above all else, soap and water with proper hand washing is the best way to clean your hands. If you have questions about natural soap and how it works, consult our natural soap FAQ.

Now, here are some of your FAQs about our Hand Sanitizer:

Why is my Hand Sanitizer is dripping?
We've discovered that changes in temperature from colder to warmer may cause your pump to drip (for example, being left in a cold car overnight). We suggest not to expose the product to low temperatures for a long period of time. We are actively looking for a new pump that will stop this from happening.

What are you doing for the community?
We have donated 450 bottles of hand sanitizer to those in need and continue to work with shelters in our local area to support their growing needs. We are also in regular contact with the medical community and businesses dealing with the public to help keep them stocked. In addition to this, all of our employees have been given a free bottle for home use. If you have any more suggestions on who we can help please let us know.

And the fun stuff!

True or false: Hand Sanitizer will destroy germs.

True! Our hand sanitizer is Health Canada certified and destroys germs.  

True or false: If I use hand sanitizer I don’t have to wash my hands.

False! Hand sanitizer is a wonderful complement to a proper handwashing routine to make sure you get any germs that may have been left behind. If you’re on the go and your hands are unsoiled, hand sanitizer will work to inactivate any germs on your skin. If you have visibly soiled or greasy hands, however, hand sanitizer may be less effective.

True or false: Hand sanitizer is just as good at cleaning my hands as soap and proper handwashing.

False! If your hands are visibly soiled — like after gardening, while you’re camping without access to running water or even after handling food, hand sanitizer will not be as effective as when used on clean, washed hands.

True or false: Hand sanitizer doesn’t even do anything.

False! Alcohol-based hand sanitizers that have been approved by Health Canada or another regulatory body do a great job of destroying germs on your skin. While proper handwashing is the first line of defense against germs, hand sanitizer works to destroy what is left behind on your skin. Washing your hands properly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds can remove the majority of germs living on your hands. Finishing your clean hands routine off with a hand sanitizer will give you peace of mind in case you missed a spot, or have any other germs lagging behind.

Image of hands pumping all-natural hand sanitizer into a palm of the other.

True or false: Any hand sanitizer is good enough.

False! Not all hand sanitizers are created equal. Your hand sanitizer needs to contain at least 60% Ethyl Alcohol to be effective at removing germs or should be formulated as per the Health Canada guidelines.

True or false: Children can’t use hand sanitizer.

True and false! Health Canada does not recommend hand sanitizer for use on children under two unless advised by a medical professional. We recommend children between the ages of two and 11 only use under adult supervision.

True or false: Hand Sanitizer will dry out my hands

False! Our all natural Nomad Hand Sanitizer is made with a mushroom-derived non-drying agent called Chitosan to keep your hands soft, clean and moisturized.

Image of 1 litre hand sanitizer surrounded by mushrooms.

True or false: The process to get certified by Health Canada is rigorous.

True! We have a site license for our workshop, which means we meet the quality standard to manufacture Natural Health Products. From there, in order to have a specific product approved we need to submit an application. We had our hand sanitizer third party tested to prove the alcohol level is 60-80%. In addition we also submitted for a Kill Test which proves our hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs. Once Health Canada verifies this information, we have approval to sell to consumers.

True or false: Germs can become resistant to hand sanitizer.

True and false! Alcohol is the main germ-killing ingredient in hand sanitizers like ours, which is corn-derived and comes from a distillery in Canada. If you are using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, you don’t need to worry and germs will not build up a resistance.


5 Responses


May 22, 2020

The best hand sanitizer I have tried. Doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on your hands like some do, they feel so soft and it totally agrees with my contact dermatitis hands. Love that’s it’s an Alberta made product too!

Jamie White
Jamie White

May 21, 2020

Thank you so much for such an amazing product.
Peace of mind is valuable at times like these.
Scent is wonderful both my wife & I highly recommend the following product to our friends and family and to anyone considering purchasing.
Happy knowing it’s a Canadian made product and purchase supports Canadian business during these times.


May 08, 2020

I got my hand sanitizer so fast. I am happy how it does not make my hands dry when I used it. However , I am allergic to the strong lemongrass scent. Can you make a hand sanitizer with the same quality but without the scent for people like me? I would really appreciate it.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company
Rocky Mountain Soap Company

April 13, 2020

Thank you @SHELLEY! You too!

Shelley Goodman
Shelley Goodman

April 13, 2020

Way to go Rocky Mountain Soap. Thank you for all you do to support your communities. Happy Easter to all your staff and families.

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