Summer sunshine is here and it's time to break out the Sunscreen, spritz the Cool Off Spray and slather on the Deodorant. With the warmer weather, we love finding new fun ways to use our products and had to share some of our best cool-off, keep-fresh tips for our summer essentials

1. Sunscreen and Day Cream Combo

This is one of our most loved hacks. People always want to continue using their Pomegranate Day Cream in the summer, obviously. But, with the summer weather comes the warm beating sun and the continued need for Sunscreen. We don't want to give up either one, so why not mix them together?

Day Cream

This is a great way to add a boost of SPF to your Pomegranate Day Cream so you can continue to use it and get a little sunscreen. We are forever mixing day cream and Sunscreen together, especially in the summer months. Just mix them half and half. 

Sunscreen and Day Cream go great together!

UVA and UVB rays are dangerous for your skin, and you want to have as much protection as you can. This is why it is important to wear sunscreen and sun protection. It is also good to note that you won't have the full SPF31 effect of our Sunscreen with this hack, but you will get a boost of protection.

2. Cool Off Spray in the Fridge

Cool Down Wellness Spray

We love the Cool Off Spray. It is like a gentle breeze on a hot day and is perfect for when we are sweaty and hot. In the summer that can seem like all the time, and this spray is perfect for your tired feet or your hot arms. Just give it a spritz.

For an additional cool-down, keep the Cool Off Wellness Spray in the fridge. Not only will you get the soothing and cooling effect of Peppermint, Tea Tree and Rosemary but the Cool Off Wellness Spray will be extra cool for you.

3. Breakout Buster for Bug Bites

Breakout Buster for Bug Bites

We all hate nasty bug bites, and in the summer they seem to just pop up (literally). The Breakout Buster is perfect for dealing with bug bites. The essential oils are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. The Breakout Buster features Tea Tree, Peppermint and Lemon essential oils that are great for combating the bug bites you might get during the summer. There are so many uses for the Breakout Buster and you can find them all here.

4. Cool Off Spray As A Gear Spray

Spray off that gear

Another hack for the Cool Off Wellness Spray! Refresh your outdoor gear and equipment with a quick spray of our Cool Off Wellness Spray. We all have equipment that you can't just throw in the wash like your helmet, backpack tent and sleeping pads. So, before throwing them back into their bags or storage, give them a quick spritz of this Wellness Spray. This will leave your gear smelling great, you'll feel like everything is brand new. Fun tip: this isn't advisable for camping gear used in bear country though as you don't want to attract these animals with scents. 

What are your favourite summer essential uses? Comment below! 

Cool Off Wellness Spray $18.00 CAD
Breakout Buster $10.00 CAD
Pomegranate Day Cream $36.00 CAD

Originally published May 15, 2019

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