December 12, 2017

Looking for a great gift under $25? Convenient! We just whipped up some super giftable combos so you don’t have to do the mental math. Ain’t nobody got time for that, am I right?

These make thoughtful teacher gifts (aka the saints who put up with our kids year round), great secret santa go-to’s and gift exchange crowd-pleasers. Ready? Let’s go.

bubble bath and lip butterBUBBLES & BUTTER            
Bubble bath & lip butter

Pick-Your-Own 4 Soap Set

Goat's milk soap, hand butter and foot butterNOURISHMENT FOR THE WHOLE BODY
Mini Avocado Hand Butter & Mini Foot Butter & Goat's Milk Bar Soap


wellness balm and fennel & charcoal soapFEEL GOOD, SMELL GOOD               
Wellness Balm & a bar of Natural Soap


bath salts and wellness spraySOAK AND SPRAY THE STRESS AWAY
Wellness Bath Salt & Aromatherapy Wellness Spray


deep sleep kitZZZZs FOR EVERYONE                             
Deep Sleep Wellness Kit - Deep Sleep Diffuser Essential Oil Blend & Serenity Wellness Bath Bomb


lemongrass wash and hand creamFOR THE LOVE OF LEMONGRASS         
Lemongrass Hand + Body Wash & Lemongrass Hand Cream



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