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We love road trips. So we jumped at the chance to visit the Oudshoorn family at their farm in Nobleford, Alberta a few weeks ago, to learn more about the goat's milk that we use in our Goat's Milk Soap.

The Story of Goats

Ben & Anita Oudshoorn have been farming together for 25 years now. It all began when the Oudshoorn's bought their first goats as a gift for one of their kids and learned how to make yogurt and cheese for their family and friends. From this handful of goats, and experimenting with recipes in their farm kitchen, grew a farm with the happiest goats we've ever seen, bouncing around and playing in the beautiful open pastures at Fairwind Farms.


Pure, Simple, and Organic

Anita wholeheartedly believes in pure and simple foods that are healthy and safe for our bodies, our animals, and our environment. She's been committed to organic since the beginning and has never looked back. Even though it means that they have to put up with a few extra flies buzzing around (because they don’t use any pesticides)! Being organic also ensures that no hormones, or different methods to induce breeding are ever used. The farm goes through lengthy annual farm inspections, from top to bottom, because on top of the goats, they also have their manure and hay certified. 

Eating Their Greens

The goats at Fairwind Farms are able to access pasture all year and during winter months, given shelter from the elements, and have access to fresh air and space to roam. The goats come inside to be milked twice daily and are fed an organic whole grain treat when they are in “the parlour”. They are then free to go and eat their greens of fresh organic hay that is produced right there on the farm.

Fresh Goat's Milk

The goats are milked every day, twice a day. They are brought into a large holding area (which is also where they like to hide out from the sun or rain) prior to being milked, and all of the equipment is sterilized. They get snacks while they are checked over, and then milked. 

The fresh, organic milk gets pumped from the milking area to large vats for storage until they’re ready for it in the processing room, where it is processed and poured into jugs, or made into a variety of different types of yogurts, cheeses, and eventually our soap!

Back to the Earth Safely

We were delighted to learn that the Oudshoorn's even use their our own composted manures, produced by the animals and crop rotation, to grow the feed for the goats. The soil has amazing qualities since they began farming this way. Lots of earth worms and micro-nutrients!

Love of Animals

It was evident during our visit to Fairwind Farms that everything was so meticulously cared for. You can tell they take great pride in their animals and their products, and it was so amazing to see that the place was just as wholesome as I wanted it to be in our imagination. To us, this is what farming should be. Animals that are well cared for by people with strong values, producing quality products.

You can find our soap, made with Fairwind Farms goats milk, at a local Rocky store or online.

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  • Thank you for sharing these stories. I enjoy them so much! It’s really nice to know where your products are coming from and how they’re made!

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