Mother Nature is a good friend of ours. She gives us abundant natural ingredients to make amazing products for beautiful, healthy skin and hair. Sometimes good friends can challenge us in more ways than one.

What sort of challenges does Mother Nature present us with you ask? The double-negative degree weather comes to mind. Manufacturing all natural products in the Canadian Rockies has its upsides, but occasional downsides when winter comes around. Our facial toners seem to have the hardest time with the temperature drop.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co Hydrating Toner in Plastic Bottle

Because we only use high quality ingredients without chemical antifreeze agents, our toners are prone to freezing in transportation. This leads to shattered glass, spilled toner and sad faces all around.

It’s both a safety hazard and waste of perfectly good products when a customer opens their order to find glass and toner all over their soap, bath bombs and shampoo.

We’ve had to reship orders to both stores and customers, sometimes up to 4 times, in order get product to arrive intact successfully. We troubleshot a number of solutions to preserve the toners in their glass bottle, but have had little success and refuse to use unrecyclable styrofoam insulated boxes (yuck!) for environmental reasons.

So our compromise has been to give the toners a ‘winter jacket’ until the ice thaws. From now until spring, toners purchased in-stores and online will be packaged in a recyclable plastic bottle instead of the amber glass bottle you’re accustomed to. The volume and contents remain the same.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co Hydrating Toner Plastic Bottle

We’re working on a longer term solution that doesn’t disrupt the skin care experience you love but until we work out all the details, we appreciate your understanding and support.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Originally published November 14, 2018

Hydrating Toner $27.00 CAD
Purifying Toner $27.00 CAD
Calming Toner $27.00 CAD

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