Nail Brush

  • Your hands are part of your first impression, and that includes your nails. Get them squeaky clean with this Sisal bristle nail brush. Sisal is made of agave plant, and makes for a firm, animal-friendly natural bristle that gives your hard-working nails a good, clean scrub. This ergonomic hand washing brush is made in Germany from FSC-certified Beechwood, so you know it’s made responsibly and sustainably, and guarantees sustainable forest management in which the felled forests are subsequently replanted.

    Why use a nail brush?
    Our nails are the perfect home for germs and dirt to hang out in, contributing to the spread of infections and seasonal illnesses. Keep yourself and your friends or family healthy by adding a nail brush to your hand washing ritual. Nail brushes are the safest way to remove visible dirt from under the nails.

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