Organic Cotton Face Wipes

  • Reduce your waste with our reusable organic cotton face wipes, made by hand in Ontario exclusively for Rocky Mountain Soap Company. When they’re ready to be washed, toss the whole bag in the washer.
    • 4 per package
    • 3.5” x 3.5” Size
    • Organic cotton, free of chemicals, toxins and dyes
    • Hand made in Canada with organic fabric imported from the USA
    1. Organic cotton fabric
    2. thread
    3. and labels. Labels are printed with non-toxic water-based ink in Ontario. All finished products comply with Health Canada’s Flammability requirements.
  • Use these reusable rounds to replace single-use rounds in your routine. Some of Rocky’s fave ways to use it:

    • Wipe away the day with your Transformative Cleansing Oil or makeup remover.
    • For on-the-go cleansing pump cleansing oil onto one side of the pad and wipe onto face. Turn the pad over and spray one of our toners to wipe off excess oil. Great for travel!

    If the mini facial cloths curl after drying, gently pull the edges and flatten with your palm. To prevent them from curling, lay them flat to dry or iron.

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