Palo Santo & Cedar Candle

  • Clear your mind with revitalizing palo santo and rich cedarwood. This blend is equal parts grounding and invigorating - it’s sure to bring new life to your routine.

    The limited edition Palo Santo & Cedar Candle is here. Created in partnership with Milk Jar Candle Company, the clean-burning soy wax brings wilderness to your space every time you light the crackling wick.

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    100% Natural | Tested on people not animals | Size/Weight: 9oz

    1. Virgin Coconut Soy Wax:

      • Environmentally friendly, and releases no harmful toxins into the air
      • Soy wax burns 30-50% slower than paraffin wax, giving you a candle that lasts longer

      Wooden Wick:

      • Contains no heavy metals and results in a cleaner burn
      • They are environmentally friendly and emit candle scents quicker
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    • What is Palo Santo?

      Palo Santo is culturally significant. With roots in Central and South American indigenous cultures, it is widely used as a sacred tool in spiritual ceremonies (often being burned as incense). We acknowledge and honour the significance of Palo Santo and its history.

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