Obsessed With | Lavender Gift Set

  • A trio of soothing lavender-scented products that includes a nourishing bar soap, hydrating hand cream and a body butter that helps skin lock in moisture.

    What’s inside
    Lavender Bar Soap
    Lavender Bar Soap
    Lavender Mini Body Butter (15g) Lavender Hand Cream

    Lavender: The famously calming, sweet and floral aroma of lavender flowers.

    Key ingredients
    Deeply nourishing cocoa butter in Lavender Mini Body Butter
    Omega 3-rich flaxseed oil in Lavender Hand Cream
    Smoothing shea butter in Lavender Bar Soap

    This year, we’re transitioning all gift boxes to FSC-certified paper.

    Made without artificial colour, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic preservatives and petrochemicals

    100% Natural | Tested on people not animals

    1. Lavender Bar Soap
    2. Lavender Mini Body Butter
    3. Lavender Hand Cream
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    Made in Canada
    Tested Only On People

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