These products are your new shower essentials - they are for your me-time. Our Everyday Hero Shower Gel and Everyday Hero Black Soap Paste are exfoliating, nourishing and smell amazing.

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Everyday Hero Black Soap Paste
$14.95 USD
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Everyday Hero Natural Shower Gel
$13.95 USD
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Everyday Hero Shower Gel | Travel Size
$6.95 USD
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Bamboo Bath Puff
$5.95 USD

Black Soap is traditional in Africa, usually made with Shea Butter, olive oil and the ash from roasting shea nut husks, tree bark and other plant matter. The soap is scented with eucalyptus and well known for being an excellent cleanser and exfoliator. Black Soap can be a bar, or a paste, depending on the method of creation.

Our product development team had been working on a Rocky version of Black Soap for a long time, when we found out that part of what made it so great for the skin was actually the Humic Acid from composting plant matter. Humic acid is very nourishing and helps to refine skin through its exfoliating properties.

Enjoy the reviving scents of Eucalyptus and Peppermint, to energize your morning routine. Use these shower essentials to enjoy a few extra moments of bliss in your shower. Packed with Humic Acid, Lactic Acid and Glycerin, these products are not only exfoliating but moisturizing as well. Enjoy your new shower with your Everyday Hero.

Love this new shower gel and shower paste - they are your new shower essentials.