A Recipe for the Ultimate Curated Gift - Build Your Own Gift Set

build your own gift sets

Put the finishing touches on your gift at home at no charge.

Need some help? We’ll hand wrap it for you in our workshop for only $3 per gift.

How to put together and gift the perfect, personalized experience this holiday season.

It’s happening! The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start checking our lists. And while you may find all you need within our selection of pre-built gift sets, a hand-picked collection of natural goodies screams thoughtfulness for that very special person.

Give the Gift of Natural

When we think about gifting “experiences,” a lot of things come to mind—from skydiving to locally roasted coffee. But the perfectly curated gift can take your loved one on an experience in the comfort of their own home—no helmets or parachutes required. The idea is to keep it simple, yet intentional, by focusing on an experience or outcome that your giftee might enjoy. What’s better than sharing your love of simple natural goodness?

build your own gift set

What is a Custom Gift Set?

It’s handpicked and simple. It will make the recipient feel like this experience was built just for them.

How Does it Work?

Get yourself in the holiday mood, focus on that special someone and shop, either online or in store.

Select the elements that you want to see in your gift set. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices for the experience, things are a bit different whether you’re shopping online or in-store.


  • Add your selection of products to your cart
  • Click on "WANT TO ADD A GIFT BOX?" at top of cart
  • Decide if you want us to give you the materials to wrap it yourself, free of charge
  • Or let us wrap is for you, by hand in our workshop for $3

Want specific items in the box? You can specify that as well and we will do our best to make them fit into one of the two box sizes! Let us put the finishing touches on your custom gift! Or, maybe you’re too busy, we get it. Here are the pre-builts.

In Store:

  • Grab a free box
  • Fill it with Rocky goodies
  • Bring it to us, we’ll wrap it for you (with ribbon and tag)!

It’s that easy.

build your own gift sets

What’s Next?

You’re done! Try and wait patiently until you get to share your perfectly personalized gift.

Need Inspiration?

With the perfect experience in mind, we’ve put together a few ideas for your Custom Gift Set, but these are just to get you started. The best way to assemble the perfect gift is to head into the store yourself and focus your energy on that special someone and how you can make their holiday even better.

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