Handmade; Expertly tested


Rocky has grown from its humble beginning of a few soaps, body butters, and a single scrub to producing more than 350 products. And throughout it all, we continue to make everything by hand in the Canadian Rockies. 

“We need the appropriate environment for creativity and innovation to flourish. The mountains provide a backdrop of raw nature, a healthy lifestyle, and inspiration, which flows into our formulation and innovation process.”
– CEO, Karina Birch

Handcrafted with care is essential to us, simultaneously so is the quality and consistency of our products. Hand mixed, hand poured and expertly tested.

Having our lab and our workshop in the same building allows our creators to talk with our makers and vice versa. If something isn’t working on one end, the communication line is short – 21 stairs to be exact. Allowing us to create products that perform exceptionally while being inspired and connected to nature. 

“When it comes to creating our feature soaps we look to the diversity of the seasons for inspiration.”
- Herbalist, Tara

Our small team is committed to creating products that are safe (for you and the environment), simple, and sourced as locally as possible.

“When I’m researching ingredients for a product I have a checklist to fulfill all these requirements.”
– Ph.D. Chemist, Patrick

Before we send our products out into the world we test each one for quality and stability on the humans - not animals.

It’s a common occurrence to have conversations in our workshop that involve “feel my skin! It’s so soft!” and “I went skiing on a glacier this weekend and my face didn’t get burnt while using the new SPF!”

No animal testing

We love being our own human guinea pigs.

“We test rigorously in-house, use third-party labs and test on each other. We stability test each formula to make sure the quality is consistent over time. We challenge test each formula under extreme heat and cold to make sure it is robust.”
– CEO, Karina Birch

Fun fact: our hand cream won’t freeze in your car!