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Love Your Feet

Product Number: XG FO

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Allow feet to soften in a tub of hot water. Breathe deeply and relax. Then use the pumice stone to buff away any rough edges and dead skin to reveal fresh, babysoft skin. Lather up with the bar soap and wash feet, making sure to get in between all your toes. Rinse and dry with a plush towel. Butter your feet generously with the Foot Butter and massage thorougly into any dry, cracked or sore areas. Cover your new feet with clean socks (fresh out of the dryer is pure joy) and allow the butter to soften, heal and do it's amazing work. Use the Foot Mist to refresh your feet whenever you feel you need it.

Foot Butter
Foot Mister
Pumice Stone
Yarrow Scrub Bar Soap

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