Gift Collections

Harmonious ensembles that will surprise, delight, and elicit heartfelt gratitude.
We can ship gifts directly with your personalized note.

Absolute Pleasure

Help your body wake up, freshen up, moisturize and perfume (but not too much), gloss the lips and even soften the feet.

CAD $113.00

Bathing Bliss

Is there ever a bad time for a bath?

CAD $47.00

Beautiful Blossom Berry

Enjoy the glorious skin and beautiful smell.

CAD $39.00

Blossom Berry Mini Tray

Feminine. Sweet. Delightful.

CAD $14.50

Dry Skin Relief

Combine our Pumpkin Patch Soap with Unscented Body Butter to relieve dry irritated skin.

CAD $20.00

For Soft Hands & Feet

Treat hands and feet to the best ingredients nature has to offer.

CAD $16.00

Fresh Picked Blossom Berry

The right amount of berries with just the right kinds of flowers.

CAD $31.00

Gratitude Gift Set

A full box of pretty to roll around in and feel thoroughly pampered.

CAD $77.00

Pure Love Baby Care

Gentle ingredients for your bundle of tiny newness

CAD $34.00

Enchanted With Lemongrass

I will brighten your spirits and energize you for the day.

CAD $39.00

Fresh Cut Lemongrass

Lemongrass is the Peter Pan of the natural world, it refuses to grow up. It smells like sunshine.

CAD $31.00

Fresh Picked Lavender

Enjoy this helpful herb and her patient ways while she butters, soothes, and moisturizes.

CAD $31.00

Fresh Picked Vanilla Coconut

Mouth-watering Vanilla Coconut products that smell like the beach.

CAD $31.00

Juicy Cherry Mini Tray

Juicy. Fruity. Delicious.

CAD $14.50

Lavender Mini Tray

Relaxing. Calming. Soothing. Nourishing.

CAD $14.50

Lemongrass Mini Tray

Uplifting. Spirited. Citrusy.

CAD $14.50

Lip Butter Bliss

All of the holiday favourites together again.

CAD $20.00

Love Your Feet

A complete foot spa package to cleanse, nourish, polish and hydrate your feet. "A facial for your feet"

CAD $39.00

Peace & Calm

Bring a zen-like quality to your day.

CAD $71.00

Vanilla Candy Cane Mini Tray

Mini-Sized Vanilla Candy Cane

CAD $14.50

Vanilla Candy Tall Cake Box

Vanilla Candy Cane can bring so much to your life...

CAD $31.00

Vanilla Coconut Mini Tray

Mini-sized coconut collection

CAD $14.50

Pure Joy Mommy Care

Take care of yourself and your new life with the best nature has to offer.

CAD $53.00

Smitten With Lavender

Let these natural Lavender bath & body products be kind and loving to your skin.

CAD $39.00

Vanilla Candy Cane Gift Set

The mouth-watering scent of holiday baking.

CAD $41.00

Blossom Berry Cake Box

Smell fantastically delightful without compromising on the whole good for you thing.

CAD $21.50

Vanilla Coconut Cake Box

This scent is amazing.

CAD $21.50

Lavender Cake Box

Lavender is famous for promoting relaxation and tension relief.

CAD $21.50

Lemongrass Cake Box

Remarkably uplifting and energizing.

CAD $21.50

Vanilla Candy Cane Cake Box

lather and butter up with Vanilla and Candy Cane scented soap body butter

CAD $21.50

Blossom Berry Tall Cake Box

Fruity and sweet, our Blossom Berry is the perfect gifting solution this holiday season.

CAD $31.00

Delicious Vanilla Coconut

Smell like the beach, feel like heaven.

CAD $36.00

Juicy Cherry Cake Box

A very juicy gift.

CAD $21.50

Lavender Tall Cake Box

Oh Lavender. Oh Lavender. How kind and calming is thy scent.

CAD $31.00

Lemongrass Tall Cake Box

Fresh and zingy, Lemongrass is the crowd-pleaser everyone loves.

CAD $31.00

CAD $46.00

Six Soap Sampler

Looking for a little more variety in life or at least in your bathroom?

CAD $21.00

Sugar Plum Cake Box

The perfect gift for every Sugar Plum fairy on your list.

CAD $21.50

Sugar Plum Gift Set

Our exclusive Sugar Plum scented products in one gorgeous box with a bow.

CAD $41.00

Sugar Plum Mini Tray

Cute and wee and perfect to stuff their stockings.

CAD $14.50

Sugar Plum Tall Cake Box

Visions of Sugar Plum’s will dance in their heads.

CAD $31.00

Vanilla Coconut Tall Cake Box

Best vacation ever...all wrapped up in an adorable box for you.

CAD $31.00

Wedding Favour Soap

Customize labels.