Gift Collections

Harmonious ensembles that will surprise, delight, and elicit heartfelt gratitude.
We can ship gifts directly with your personalized note.

Blossom Berry Mini Tray

Feminine. Sweet. Delightful.

CAD $14.50

Gratitude Gift Set

A full box of pretty to roll around in and feel thoroughly pampered.

CAD $58.00

Juicy Cherry Mini Tray

Juicy. Fruity. Delicious.

CAD $14.50

Lavender Mini Tray

Relaxing. Calming. Soothing. Nourishing.

CAD $14.50

Lemongrass Mini Tray

Uplifting. Spirited. Citrusy.

CAD $14.50

Lip Butter Bliss

All of the favourites together again.

CAD $20.00

Love Your Feet

A complete foot spa package to cleanse, nourish, polish and hydrate your feet. "A facial for your feet"

CAD $38.00

Blossom Berry Tall Cake Box

Enjoy the glorious skin and beautiful smell.

CAD $31.00

Dry Skin Relief

Combine our Pumpkin Patch Soap with Unscented Body Butter to relieve dry irritated skin.

CAD $20.00

For Soft Hands & Feet

Treat hands and feet to the best ingredients nature has to offer.

CAD $16.00

Lavender Tall Cake Box

Oh Lavender. Oh Lavender. How kind and calming is thy scent.

CAD $31.00

Six Soap Sampler

Need a little more variety in life or at least your bathroom?

CAD $21.00

Vanilla Coconut Cake Box

This scent is amazing.

CAD $21.50

Wedding Favour Soap

Customize labels.