Body Butter

Body butter made from nature's richest, most moisturizing ingredients will nourish your skin and keep it soft all day.

Foot Butter

There is no need to suffer with dry feet or cracked heels ever again. Foot butter is so super it should have a cape.

CAD $15.00

Unscented Body Butter

Dry skin sucks big time. This is your secret weapon.

CAD $14.00

Vanilla Coconut Body Butter

The worlds richest and most natural moisturizer...and it smells like an island paradise.

CAD $14.00

Rescue Body Butter

A pleasant, respiratory clearing rub with eucalyptus and mint to help minimize cold and flu symptoms.

CAD $8.00

Juicy Cherry Body Butter

For soft and touchable skin.

CAD $14.00

Lemongrass Body Butter

Add zing to your step and spring to your smile. Or, is it the other way around?

CAD $14.00

Baby Body Butter

This soft organic butter is perfect for moisturizing your baby.

CAD $15.00

Unscented Body Butter (travel size)

A deeply moisturizing and protective skin care treatment for extreme dry irritated skin.

CAD $7.00

Belly Body Butter

Tight, itchy belly? Coat your bump in this rich Shea Butter and infuse your skin with elasticity.

CAD $15.00

Lavender Body Butter

Lavender is the hot cup o tea and giant fuzzy blanket wrapped round you seven times with a good book.

CAD $14.00

Lemon Lime Body Butter

This is freshly squeezed lemonade in a body butter. Enjoy soft skin with a fresh summery scent.

CAD $14.00

Apricot Body Butter

Mouthwatering Apricot comes together with Cocoa Butter for softest, sweetest smelling skin ever.

CAD $13.00

Blossom Berry Body Butter

Fruits, Flowers, Cocoa Butter and Beeswax unite to give you soft skin.

CAD $14.00

Breakout Buster

Soothing, non-drying relief for acne prone skin, cold sores and also helps relieve the itch and sting of bug bites.

CAD $9.00

Citron Body Butter

Moisturize and go. It works.

CAD $14.00

Cuticle Butter

Massage into base of nails and cuticles to soften skin, prevent hangnails, and encourage strong healthy nails.

CAD $7.50

Foot Butter (travel size)

Apply daily - cover with socks.

CAD $7.50

Hand Butter

The ultimate long-lasting hand cream with nourishing Avocado & Neroli to hydrate & protect dry hands and cracked skin.

CAD $17.00

Hand Butter (travel size)

The ultimate long-lasting hand care with nourishing Avocado & Neroli oils to protect dry hands and cracked skin.

CAD $8.50

Men's Foot Butter

Stuff for men's feet.

CAD $15.00

Men's Hand Butter

Strong man, soft touch, happy partner.

CAD $17.00