100% Natural Handmade Soap

Our handmade soaps are crafted with only natural ingredients, making them moisturizing and nurturing for the skin.

Blossom Berry Soap

A gorgeous feminine scent, and super moisturizing ingredients. So good.

CAD $5.25

Blue Dot Feature Soap

Proceeds from this soap support the David Suzuki Foundation.

CAD $5.25

Cedarwood Soap

A deep-cleansing woodsy soap; a favorite with the guys.

CAD $5.25

Cinnamon Soap

A warm and spicy, naturally-massaging soap.

CAD $5.25

Goat's Milk Soap

Goat's Milk soothes and hydrates even the driest and most sensitive skin.

CAD $5.25

Pumpkin Soap

A very mild soap for dry irritated skin.

CAD $5.25

Vanilla Candy Cane Soap

Lather up the joy of the holidays

CAD $5.25

Juicy Cherry Soap

like a Cherry orchard in full bloom.

CAD $5.25

Sugar Plum Soap

Sweet and slightly spicy. Light up your holiday with Sugar Plum.

CAD $5.25

Avocado Facial Soap

Our most therapeutic facial bar. Whole food for your skin.

CAD $5.25

Geranium Soap

A classic geranium-scented soap that is perfect for dry or mature skin.

CAD $5.25

Baby Bear Soap

A gentle and soothing bar soap made especially for babies.

CAD $5.25

Fruit Smoothie Soap

For the love of sweet Honeydew. Simply awesome, and pretty too!

CAD $5.25

Honey, Oats & Cocoa Soap

Sweet and soothing. Great for dry skin.

CAD $5.25

Juicy Orange Facial Bar

A burst of juicy sweetness made especially for oily and problem skin

CAD $5.25

Lavender Soap

All the calming and soothing properties of lavender packed into a natural soap.

CAD $5.25

Lemon Lime Soap

Summer Sunshine in a natural soap

CAD $5.25

Lemongrass Soap

A Natural soap scented with Lemongrass. A breath of fresh air to start your day.

CAD $5.25

Minty Tea Tree Soap

A new incarnation using Tea Tree, Mint, and Eucalyptus. Breathe it in!

CAD $5.25

Patchouli Soap

A blend of Patchouli, Hemp and Mint deliver a deep and earthy toned soap.

CAD $5.25

Peppermint Shave Bar

The same great shave but with a burst of Minty freshness.

CAD $5.25

Raspberry Rooibos Soap

A berry pretty bar with a sweet scent and the exfoliating powers of Rooibos.

CAD $5.25

Seaweed Soap

Refreshing spearmint & stimulating kelp help you "get up and go" in the morning.

CAD $5.25

Shampoo Bar With Rosemary

Great lather and a lovely new herbal scent.

CAD $5.25

Shea Butter Facial Bar

Great for dry skin with the awesome hydration of Shea and Geranium.

CAD $5.25

Six Soap Sampler

Variety is the spice of the holidays.

CAD $21.00

Soap by the Slab

Purchase soap by the slab and save 20%. Click through for details.

CAD $73.50


Spearmint Soap

A refreshing Spearmint “allsorts” blend of our soaps.

CAD $5.25

Spotless Spot Remover

A hardworking natural laundry treatment.

CAD $5.25

Unscented Soap

A pure and simple natural soap for very sensitive skin. Unscented and no added color.

CAD $5.25

Wedding Favour Soap

Customize labels.

Yarrow Scrub Soap

A scrubby, hard-working bar for those who like to play in the dirt.

CAD $5.25