Essential Oils & Therapeutic Roll-Ons

Awake Therapeutic Roll-On

An uplifting and refreshing combination of citrus oils and a blast of black pepper.

CAD $16.00

Harmony Therapeutic Roll-On

100% Natural PMS blend powered by aromatherapy.

CAD $16.00

Rescue Therapeutic Roll-On

100% Natural Stuffy Head & Sinus essential oil blend.

CAD $16.00

Sweet Dreams Therapeutic Roll-On

This blend of essential oils helps promote a calm and restful sleep.

CAD $16.00

Tension Relief Therapeutic Roll-On

100% Natural Tension Relief powered by aromatherapy.

CAD $16.00

Travel Therapeutic Roll-On

100% Natural jet lag blend powered by aromatherapy. Instant soothing!

CAD $16.00

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Mountain Springs Eucalyptus Radiata - Pure essential oil for diffusers, massage, or the tub.

CAD $11.00

Lavender Essential Oil

Pure essential oil for diffusers, massage, or the tub.

CAD $13.50

Peppermint Essential Oil

Mountain Springs Mentha Piperita - Pure essential oil for diffusers, massage or the tub.

CAD $10.00

Mountain Springs Sore Muscle & Joint Ointment

The soothing Sore Muscle & Joint Ointment is a circulatory aid designed for chronic and post-trauma soreness.

CAD $13.00

Mountain Springs Steam Room

Steamroom blend can be added to hot water in the vanity sink while you're bathing in the tub as well as added to the hottest part of the steamroom or sauna for a relaxing, cleansing experience.

CAD $11.00

Mountain Springs Stress Relief

Stress Relief blend is a powerful and very relaxing mix of essential oils. Ideal for diffusers in the home or car, it is also a nice addition in the steamroom or sauna.

CAD $11.00