Who are we?

We are an eclectic and passionate group of individuals (who at any given moment, might smell collectively like 23 different flavors of soap) living and working in Canmore, Alberta. Rocky is owned by Cam Baty and Karina Birch, a young couple who have nurtured the company from its days as a 300 square foot shop in Canmore to the now 10 stores and 7000 square foot workshop. Cam and Karina balance running a rapidly growing company with raising three rapidly growing young children

We’ve got some of the best skiing, hiking and biking in the world on our doorstep. We enjoy doing yoga in the workshop, and playing hooky to go skiing. We enjoy going for a run with our work buddies (in fact we enjoy going for a run so much that we now host an annual Women’s Run. Why don’t you join us? www.rmswomensrun.com).

Our passion? To find the most nurturing and therapeutic ingredients nature has to offer and impart their healing qualities into a collection of 100% natural bath and body products. We started by making handmade soap; twelve years later we’re still making it by hand. As the positive response to our soaps grew, so did our collection of offerings. From soap to body butters, bath salts to skin care, all of our products are made with your health, and the health of our environment in mind.

Being surrounded by the Canadian Rockies reminds us to live with awareness for our environment and for each other. Mindfulness has become our guiding principle, and we strive to remain grounded and reverent toward nature in all that we do.

Customer feedback has become a vital part of our research and development process. We’d love to hear from you if you have something to say or ask. While we've built up quite the collection of testimonials over the years, each new one that comes in still brightens our day. Because of our close relationship with customers, we’ve naturally taken on an advisory role. Our goal is to listen and respond to every customer's comments or questions with well-researched and constructive answers.

We’d like to invite you to explore our site and enjoy our offerings. It might interest you to know that many of the photos on our site are of family and friends. If you’re near any of our locations, do drop in, say hi. And take home a sample of the soap that got us started.


We only use 100% natural ingredients, the finest essential oils, real grains, berries, and other sources that Mother Nature provides.