Chemicals Add Up

We feel that when an ingredient has been identified as potentially harmful it is safest to avoid it. Period.

We were astounded to learn that our skin can absorb anywhere from 21- 94% of what is put on it. There are many synthetic ingredients found in personal care products that are questionable as to their long term health effects and safety for human consumption. Our take is that if there is an ingredient that could potentially be harmful or could have adverse long-term effects on our health, why would we use it in our products when there are healthy and safe alternatives? This is why we’re committed to making only 100% natural products, and this is why we are sharing our ‘Why Natural Matters’ message; to identify why choosing a natural product over a synthetic one is a healthy and safe alternative and to make it clear that we only use safe natural ingredients in all of our products. Karina Birch, President, Rocky Mountain Soap Company

An average female uses 12 personal care products a day and exposes themselves to a cocktail of synthetic chemicals. Since the skin has the ability to absorb, and body tissue has the ability to store, chemicals can add up. By reducing the harmful ingredients we use, we are minimizing the burden our bodies have to eliminate these chemicals.

Choosing natural isn’t just a trend - it’s a way of life. Every product you find on this site is therapeutic and 100% natural… no fluff, no chemicals. That way there’s no guesswork, and you can focus on choosing between lavender and lemongrass, or grapefruit and jasmine.