Elements to Avoid

We feel that when an ingredient has been identified as potentially harmful it is safest to avoid it. Period.

Sulfates (sodium or ammonium lauryl/laureth/myreth sulfate): Synthetic ingredients used to create foam or to allow liquid to spread or absorb easily. Commonly found in soap, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath. Sulfates are known to irritate the skin and in some cases cause eczema. Sulfates have also been linked to cancer which is why we use 100% natural and gentle plant based oils that nourish the skin in all of our hand made soaps.

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Synthetic Parabens (methyl, proply, ethyl, butyl): Synthetic preservatives used in lotions, gels, shampoos, toners, deodorants, antiperspirants and sunscreens. Synthetic parabens have the potential to mimic estrogen which can result in reproductive abnormalities and breast cancer. This is why we use a 100% natural plant based preservative called Japanese Honeysuckle in our hand and body lotions and our face care line.

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Phthalates: Ingredients used to enhance fragrance or make it last longer. They are commonly found in perfumes, fragrance, hair products, deodorants, body lotions and nail polish. Unfortunately they are NOT required to be listed on labels as they are classified as proprietary. This is a cause for concern as consumers have no real way of knowing which products contain them. In order to be a savvy consumer avoid products that claim an ingredient as ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’. They are believed to cause cancer, disrupt DNA and have been linked to birth defects. Another reason why we use 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts in our perfumes and deodorants.

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Petrochemicals: Ingredients found in petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffin, and propylene glycol which are unfortunately in the base of most personal care products such as lip balms, baby moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners. Sulfates, parabens and phthalates are all either derived from petrochemicals or contaminated with them. The scary part is that research has shown they potentially cause cancer, disrupt DNA, and can cause birth defects. We avoid petrochemical ingredients and choose to use 100% natural and nourishing plant based ingredients in all of our lip balms, body butters, and mother and baby products.

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