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Coco Betaine

Coco Betaine

Coco Betaine produces a lot of foam/lather or big bubbles. This is why we chose to add it to our Shower Gels and Bubble Baths. It is the ingredient that will show the product working.

Coco Betaine is made by combining Coconut Fatty Acids with Betaine. At Rocky Mountain Soap Company we use a Betaine that is made from Beet Root. These two things come together to create a surfactant (surface active agents).

Surfactants, also known as surface active agents thin down water (by reducing the surface tension) so that oil can dissolve in water. This makes it great to combine natural ingredients together to make an amazing product with great textures.

It is good to note that Coco Betaine has to be made the correct way in order to be considered natural and have the ability to be used in organic formulations. We always ensure that our ingredients are processed naturally, through environmentally friendly processes and are completely natural. This is why you can shop knowing everything is safe and good for you.

Many companies will try to pass off Cocamidopropyl Betaine as Coco Betaine, claiming they are the same thing. However, when looking for natural products you should know that they are indeed different. Cocamidopropyl Betaine is a synthetic and non-natural ingredient. This is something we do not use at Rocky Mountain Soap Company and never will.