Coco Glucoside | Naturalpedia


Coco Glucoside is produced through a chemical reaction between fruit sugars and ingredients in coconut oil, hence the name. It is an all-natural non-ionic surfactant. This means that it lowers the surface tension of two liquids and actually acts to keep everything together. A surfactant is important to give products an amazing texture and viscosity. Coco Glucoside is mostly used to keep ingredients together and creating the perfect viscosity (not too runny, not too thick).

In many cases, Coco Glucoside is used as a cleansing surfactant that is perfect for shower gels, shampoos and bubble baths. It is one of the mildest and gentle cleansing agents available, which makes it amazing for foaming and cleansing products. This is because in end products it does have a foaming action.

Coco Glucoside is great for sensitive skin and good for all skin types (though reactions may occur in extreme cases) which is why we at Rocky use it in our products. It is a gentle ingredient that is simple and natural.

Coco Glucoside also works to keep water and oil together is products like lotions and suncreens. It is a great emulsifier which is why we use it in our Oat Lotion and Natural Sunscreen. Unlike some other surfactants, emulsifiers and cleansers, Coco Glucoside is very moisturizing. It does not dry out the skin or irritate like some conventional ingredients used in this space. It is also very gentle on the skin.

Coco Glucoside is your cleansing, foaming, all-natural, coconut oil based surfactant that is great for your skin.