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When we think of natural, you may immediately think of plants, fruits, vegetables and other living organic materials. Humic Acid is another way of looking at natural because it comes from the degradation of these natural materials in the form of compost.

Humic Acid is actually a traditional ingredient and process with a rich history. It is a substance that has been used in various cultures around the world. Black Soap is the most common and well-known product that contains Humic Acid. This type of soap is a traditional African product and has a multitude of benefits .

Humic substances are components of humus, which in soil science is most often used to describe natural and mature compost. In natural environments, humus is a dark coloured (black) and helps plants and soil above it retain moisture and nutrients. You can also see this on a household level when you compost. Humus is characteristically the dark organic substance that forms when plants decay.

Humic substances are created through the composting and decaying of plant materials and naturally are a major part of soil and peat. They are also found in upland streams, ocean water and dystrophic lakes.

At Rocky Mountain Soap Company, our Humic Acid is a dark-colored powder that is hydrated in water, made from the precipitate of compost. Our Humic Acid is 100% plant-based. We chose to put the Humic Acid in both our Shower Gel and the Black Soap Paste. This is ingredient gives these products amazing benefits and their signature caramel colour.

Humic Acid is currently used in the skincare industry and also as a dietary supplement. It is antioxidant rich and anti-inflammatory. It is also a brilliant exfoliant, helping to slough off the outer layer of skin. At Rocky Mountain soap we only use non-GMO Humic Acid made from only composted plant material.

Humic Acid is a perfect ingredient to use in shower products as it gives a great exfoliation and is healthy for your skin.

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