January 15, 2020 3 min read

Let’s face it, being an adult is hard. There are soccer practices to get your kids to, bills to pay, dinners (and lunches!) to make. That’s why, while mastering adulting (the “informal term to describe behaviour that is seen as responsible and grown-up”) it’s important to remember the simple things that brought you joy when you were a kid.

Make a snow angel

Remember how exciting the first snow of the season was when you were a kid? Why not capture that excitement again! After a deep enough fresh snow, run into your backyard (or to the park) and make a snow angel. Or even better—get in a snowball fight!

Woman throwing snowball with mountains int he background.

Try a new hobby

Since Rocky is based in, well, the Canadian Rocky Mountains, we may be a little biased to suggest something like rock climbing—but those gyms are everywhere now. It’s a great way to conquer fear and laugh at yourself, especially when you see 10-year-olds flying up the wall like it’s nothing. Make sure to take care of your skin afterwards with a nourishing Body Butter. Or, if you have the space in the backyard, get a slackline and laugh as you improve your balancing act walking from one end of the line to the other. Join an adult dodgeball or volleyball team. All for fun! 

Make a playlist

Remember mixtapes? Make a nostalgic mix of popular songs you grew up listening to. Throw it on whenever you need to blow off steam and then dance like no one’s watching!


Laugh more

Kids love to laugh. And you know what? It’s good for your health. Throw on a funny movie, keep that ridiculous meme on hand that made you guffaw, whatever works for you. Follow these steps to get laughing more in 2020.

Be curious

Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why seems to be a kid’s favourite question. Make it yours. Stop thinking that you have all the answers and start asking more questions and being open to learning new things.

Lighten up

Try not to take things too seriously. This can be difficult, but try and make a point of laughing off the small things that might normally irritate you.

Build a pillow fort

Or have a sleepover. Or both! Maybe having an actual sleepover is less realistic as an adult, but there’s nothing stopping you from inviting friends over to get in their jammies and build a pillow fort. Order some pizzas and throw on some your favourite flicks. Maybe even play a game of truth or dare. 

Get bubbly

Not the Champagne kind. Make a ridiculously bubbly bubble bath. Remember being a kid in a crazy bubbly bath making shapes out of the froth or silly hairdos with your shampoo? There’s no reason adults can’t have the same fun in the bath. Steal your kid’s rubber ducky and lock the door. 

Woman in the bath holding a root beer float with a rubber ducky on her shoulder and an all natural bath bomb in one hand.

Get bored

We’ve told you before that boredom sparks creativity. Make like a kid in math class and get bored so your imagination can wander!

Have a game night

Skip the restaurants, that can be stressful when choosing where to eat, spending money you may not be up for spending, and making dinner conversation. Grab a deck of cards or dust off that Monopoly board and invite friends over for a game night with snacks (and maybe some adult wine).

  Is there anything that you do to feel like a kid again? Let us know!

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