5 Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil is one of nature's most versatile, nourishing and delightful smelling oils. It's good for a body both inside and out. Here are some marvelous ways to use said oil to benefit your body and your life.

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Condition Your Hair
Use it on your ends to smooth and condition, or use it as a deep-conditioning scalp treatment. Massage it into your scalp an through your hair, let sit for an hour before shampooing it out, or if your hair is in desperate need of TLC then cover your head with a plastic bag and sleep on it. Wash it out in the morning and enjoy hydrated locks and a well-nourished scalp.

coconut oil hair

In Place of Butter
Melt it down for your popcorn, spread it on toast, use it in your baking. Basically anywhere that you use butter you can use Coconut Oil. The flavour is delicate and slightly nutty. It's even divine melted into your coffee! Sound pretty weird? Don't knock it til you try it. Just a teaspoon will do ya.

coconut oil food

Scrub Yourself Clean and Hydrated
Blend some sugar with Coconut Oil and a drop of your favourite essential oil to create an effective body scrub. Hop in the shower with your concoction and scrub away dry, dead skin to reveal fresh, new skin.

Massage Oil
Got a loved one whose overdone it at work or at the gym? Melt some Coconut Oil in your palms and use it to give you the perfect glide for a home massage. As a bonus, it will absorb in and hydrate the skin.

coconut oil massage

Soothe Cracked Paw Pads
Man's best friends can sometimes use a little help keeping their paw pads healthy especially during the dry winter months. A little dab rubbed into paw pads will go a long way to keeping your little furry buds paws moisturized and happy.

soothe dry cracked paw pads

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