Make Your Own Stocking Stuffers with Epsom Salts

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There is nothing so enjoyable after a long day of snowboarding, skiing or other alpine winter insanity as slipping into a bathtub full of Epsom salts. If you snowboard the way I do you  have a number of colourful bruises and more than a few aches and pains that need some TLC. It never fails to amaze me how quickly our Sore Muscle Soak works to release lactic acid and soothe tender muscles.

While I’m crowing about salt, here’s a little secret that we employ to elicit even more “Wow, you smell like soap!’ comments than we already get – and believe me, they are as as perennial as grass. Grab your favorite scent of bath salt, put it in a sachet and stash it under the seat in your car. You’ll be amazed at how people ooh and aah when they get in. If you use our Relaxation blend, they might even be quiet for second and let you to drive in peace.

We’ve got salts that smell like lavender, sweet orange & ylang ylang, lemongrass, grapefruit & bergamot, and more. You’ll have to replace them after a few months though as the essential oils will eventually evaporate. If you’re into making Christmas gifts by hand, this is a great idea for a stocking stuffer: a naturally scented sachet for your car or closet.

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