Being Nicely Unexpected, is so…nicely unexpected.

February 08, 2010

Most people spend their weekends, sleeping, reading, watching movies, eating, or obliterated.  Kimmie, in shipping, took it upon herself to make bookmarks and pencil holders from the leftover Christmas box walls and bases.  Each bookmark has a colour coordinated ribbon, which she lovingly ironed and tied to perfection.  This is the same woman who took our new reusable bag and sewed a fabric insert, complete with cell phone pocket inside it.  Gad zooks!

Andrea Bauer, our Assistant Manager in Southgate Centre (Edmonton) took it upon herself to research and write an internal ‘Green Newsletter’ with tips on things you can do at home to lighten your footprint. I’ll share some of them in blogs to come.

Sachiko, from our Admin team, sewed curtains for the windows in the garage doors in our Production bays because the light was shining in the eyes of our Production team.

I think there is something in the air here besides the smell of lavender and grapefruit.  The workshop and our stores are full of people who continually go above and beyond, and being our resident blogger – I think I’m entitled to brag about them.

These nicely unexpected actions occur so frequently that we invented NURP’s.  Which stands for Nicely Unexpected Rewards Program.  Every quarter we submit nominations and the NURP’s team votes on the winner