Protect Your Brains

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In case you were busy admiring the fall colours or breathing in the fresh autumn air…wake up!

Danger!  Zombies, vampires, and all things evil and ghoulish will be prowling the night this Halloween.

Take charge, be prepared, dig a cellar, fortify yourself with Vitamin C, wear a garlic choker and above all protect your braaaaaaiiiinsssss with this specially formulated bar of  Zombie Repellant soap.

And while you’re fighting the demons of the underworld, why not sport a delightful ‘licorishey’ delicious scent made with a blend of fennel and star anise?

This bar was such a hit last year that we just couldn’t say no to all of you who were asking for us to bring it back. It was a no brainer. (groan, boo, hiss, snort…sorry, couldn’t resist)  Click here for scented brain protection.

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