Smell That? Me Neither.

September 05, 2013

NEW Unscented Organic Body Lotion & Unscented Body Wash

Are you a sensitive soul? Would you rather go for a polar dip than stick your face in a bunch of easter lilies? Do you start to twitch when you come near scented stuff? Suffer no longer. We made a new Unscented Bodywash and Unscented Body Lotion just for you.

Lather up in the shower or at the sink with our rich castile soap then coat your hide with a creamy Organic Body Lotion to seal in the softness. We also have Unscented Body Butter and Unscented Bar Soap…so basically everything that sensitive folks dream of is here and ready to go. Enjoy the sneeze-free zone around you and take comfort in the fact that it’s completely natural.