April 01, 2015

Not so keen on using white sugar in your kitchen, but still in need of a little sweetness? Here are some alternative sweeteners to stock your pantry with.

Palm or Coconut Sugar
Made from the sugar palm tree or the coconut palm, this type of sugar is essentially made the tropical version of maple syrup.  This type of sugar is lower on the glycemic index than white sugar so has been touted as healthier. It has a lovely, rich flavour not unlike brown sugar.

It sounds like a synthetic chemical but its actually a completely natural substance sourced from the cellulose of wood, sugar cane pulp, certain seed hulls, and/or corn cobs. It's as sweet as sugar and is easy to swap out 1 for 1. It's popular with diabetics because it won't affect insulin levels. It's also beneficial for teeth and inhibits the growth of certain bacteria. Talk about a great choice! A little too much all at once can have a diuretic effect so try small amounts to start with.

Extracted from a South American plant, this substance is a thousand times sweeter than sugar, so you only need a very tiny amount. You can find it in liquid and powder forms. It doesn't taste exactly like sugar, and if you use a bit too much it has a bitter aftertaste, but it is a good low-glycemic choice as well. Just remember that a little bit goes a long way!

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