It's time to bring those tootsies out of hibernation, free them to the fresh air and sunshine, and proudly sport those smashing new sandals you've been itching to wear. Hold on a minute...does the thought of baring your feet to the world make you cringe? No worries. You can prep your feet for the stage in no time with in a few simple steps (pun intended).

First of all, get in there with some clippers to trim the toenails and file off any sharp edges. A more square toenail is less likely to get a hangnail than a very rounded off toenail, so keep the shape more on the square side).

Then get yourself a little tub of warm soapy water because freshly washed feet are the easiest to work with. You can add epsom salts to the warm water if your feet are sore. Check out our Foot Soak salt made with Lemongrass and Fir Needle essential oils to deodorize and refresh tired sore feet.

Once you've allowed your feet to soak and soften, now is the perfect time to use either sugar or salt to scrub away all dry and dead skin and reveal fresh glowing skin. You might fall in love with our Bamboo Salt Scrub for just this reason. It's chock full of hydrating oils and the spearmint and grapefruit oils are refreshing and uplifting not only for your feet but  for the senses. When you rinse away the salt scrub you'll be left with a hydrating layer of oils. Be sure to rinse well and pat dry to absorb any excess oils. Don't walk around on wood or tile floors at this point because your feet will be slippery. This is a good time to push the cuticles back gently. You should never cut the cuticle, just push it back gently with a soft tool or your thumbnail. You can use our Cuticle Butter if they are dry to provide moisture and nutrients to the nail and the nail bed.

The final step in this luxurious treatment involves coating and moisturizing your feet with our Foot Butter and putting on a pair of socks (fresh from the dryer feels amazing) to allow the magic to happen. You can do this routine at night if you wish and in the morning all the wonderful oils will be absorbed and your feet will be baby soft and sandal-ready.

Links: Foot Soak Salt Bamboo Scrub Foot Butter Cuticle Butter

Originally published June 09, 2015

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