Your hands. They type, cook, drive, create, work, serve and clean. They encourage through touch, comfort and calm, they massage away pain and tend to bruises. Your hands are an expression of you and deserve the most nourishing and healing ingredients our planet provides. 


Step 1.  Fill a bowl full of warm water and add a super-fatted hand soap (ours is made with coconut oil and is super hydrating), or you can use 100% natural conditioner (yep, the same stuff you'd use on your hair). Put a little of your chosen substance into the water and swish around to blend. Let your hands soak in the water for at least 5 minutes, longer if you have time.


Step 2.  Use a sugar scrub to slough off dry and dead skin. Sugar scrubs are gentle and dissolve while you're using them. Salt scrubs are more exfoliating and won't dissolve away, for those who want a more intense scrub.


Step 3.  Rinse in warm water and pat dry. Use clean tools to trim your nails and gently push back your cuticles (never cut them). If your fingernails are ridged you can buff them until they are nice and shiny. Gently file the edges so there are no sharp corners to catch on things.


Step 4.  If your cuticles are dry or you tend to get hangnails, you can really benefit from trying our cuticle butter. It has comfrey myrrh essential oils and vitamin E to help condition and preserve the health of your nails. We've even had people write in and tell us that this little product has helped their nails grow faster. Simply apply a dab to the base of each nail and massage it in all around the nail bed.


Step 5.  If your hands are super dry, you can use our hand butter for a rich protective coating on your hands. If your hands are less dry you could also choose a scented or unscented hand cream. Massage the chosen moisturizer in between all your fingers and up the wrists and backs of the hands. If you have the luxury to put on a pair of moisturizing gloves and do nothing while the nourishment sinks in, your hands will thank you for it.


Lavender Hand & Body Wash $14.00 CAD
French Lavender Sugar Body Scrub $25.00 CAD
Cuticle Butter $8.50 CAD
Hand Butter $17.00 CAD

Originally published November 09, 2017

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