June 30, 2015

You might think of cucumber as conveniently packaged water and while they are 95% H2O, make no mistake...this humble green veggie packs a nutritional punch for your body both on the inside and the out.

For your inner beauty, it contains mega B vitamins as well as vitamin K and a host of other necessary nutrients that come together to fight inflammation, reduce the risk of cancer, and nourish the brain. They're rich in anti-oxidants so enjoy them for their ability to keep you young and well-hydrated. If you feel like your breath might need a little freshening, pop in a cucumber slice and suck on it for a while. If you're a fan of fresh veggie juice, don't forget to include cucumber as it makes the perfect base.

For your skin, cucumber has a wonderful cooling and anti-inflammatory effect. You can't find any better treatment for puffy eyes than two slices of cool cucumber. Cucumber and skin have the same percentage of water content so along with its hydrating and softening effects this juicy little veg is the perfect one to select when making a facial treatment at home. If you're keen to try one of our cucumber based face masks, just check out this blog.