Are Tree Oils Good for Me?

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Trees don't just provide us with oxygen, look pretty, and smell great. Did you know that they also have some amazing benefits from a therapeutic point of view? When we formulated our Evergreen bar soap, we were inspired to use only tree oils and whip up a soap that had that the fresh, woody scent of a walk in the forest. We focused on using three tree oils, all of which are prevalent in Canada.

Abies Siberica, otherwise known as Siberian Fir has strong antiseptic properties and a is a wonderful oil to use if you've got congestion in the chest. It has also been used traditionally as a pain-reliever.

Pinus Pinaster or Pine Long Leaf is a favourite essential oil for its fresh and earthy fragrance. It's is often prescribed by dermatologists to treat conditions like psoriasis, itching and acne. Native Americans would use Pine oil to help prevent scurvy. Purely from an aromatherapeutic point of view, the aroma of Pine may help to ease feelings of stress and anxiety.

And last but not least, Cedrus Atlantic, which you would recognize as Cedarwood has a calming and grounding effect on the senses and has traditionally been used (much like Pine) to treat acne, dermatitis and other similar skin conditions.

So not only can you enjoy the scent of these evergreen trees in your bathroom, now you know that they're not just a pretty smell, but one of nature's amazing gifts to us so we can take care naturally of our bodies and our emotional well-being.

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