3 More Back To School Favourites

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Aromatherapy is not just for adults. Mother nature has provided amazing essential oils that have wonderful benefits for busy kids and teenagers too. Here are a few suggestions for some 100% natural goodies that students will find handy:

Tea Tree Deodorant: Specially formulated with Tea Tree and Peppermint, this deodorant does wonders to keep odour at bay. Shake well, roll on and let it dry for perfect confidence that you smell rather delightful, thank you very much.

Revive Stick: Made with Basil, Coriander and Lime, this handy stick is formulated to give tired minds a boost when fatigue sets in. You know that 2pm slump that can hit unexpectedly and most inconveniently? Just twist up this nourishing goodness and apply to pulse points and temples for a burst of renewed energy.

Cool Feet Spray: Active kids and athletes will revel in this toxin-free spray. Formulated to cool, refresh and revive tired, sweaty feet; simply shake to blend the Peppermint and Tea Tree Oils (which are both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial by the way) and spray directly onto feet for instant ah. It can also be used to spray into shoes, sandals, gymbags and lockers. Parents and fellow students will appreciate this refreshing little gem too.

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