Delicious Licorice Treats for Halloween

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Tis' the season for tricks and treats. So here is a treat for licorice lovers. The trick is that you need to choose your licorice powder with care as they vary in flavour widely. The powder you choose should taste pleasant on its own, not bitter.

1/2 cup of a variety of chopped nuts (walnuts, almonds, and macadamia are all delicious options)
1 cup of prunes or dates (or a blend of the two)
licorice powder to taste (start with 1 tbsp and add more if you wish)
hemp seeds or chopped coconut, as a coating (your choice)

1. Use a food processor or a blender (on pulse) to chop up the nuts. Pour into a cup and set aside.
2. Repeat to puree the dates and prunes.
3. Combine the nuts and the fruit together in a bowl and mix or blend them in the processor.
4. Add the powdered licorice to the mixture to your taste. Some like a stronger licorice flavour, while others may just want a hint.
5. Roll the mixture into individual, snack-sized balls of licoricey goodness.
6. Roll each individual ball in the hemp seeds or the shredded coconut to give it a tasty coating.
7. Store in the fridge and enjoy anytime.

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